Chris Freihofer, CSA

Professional Actor & Casting Director

Mondays 6:30p-10:00p 

$450 for 6 Week Session 

10 Student Limit

Beginning March 21, 2022


Auditions are the to gateways jobs. Improve your chances by learning techniques from a seasoned film & TV actor and Oklahoma’s only CSA-member casting director.


Audition in class each week, get professional feedback, and learn the dos and don'ts of the audition room.

Learn to identify and tackle the biggest obstacle in the audition room (your nerves), while also not falling into making the same mistakes made by hundreds not only in the room but also in self tapes.

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Chandler Ryan.jpg

Chandler Ryan

Professional Actor

Tuesdays or Wednesdays  7:00p-10:00p

$375 for 6-Week Session

12-Student Limit

Beginning March 22 & 23, 2022

Professional actor and SAG-AFTRA member Chandler Ryan joins the Factory instructor ranks to teach On-Camera acting.

A veteran of stage, Chandler learned to make the adjustments to work on camera, and has amassed a resume that includes appearances in the television series BUNK'D, the hit Netflix series HUGE IN FRANCE, and appearances in films directed by Francis Ford Coppola and William H Macy. 


Each week covers the nuts and bolts mechanics of on-camera acting through scene work and monologues, and features students in front of the camera each week for exercises and critique. 

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Alissa Mortimer

Professional Actor & Theater Director


Sundays 6:00p-8:00p

$295 for 6 Week Session

12- Student Limit

Beginning March 20, 2022

No cameras, no microphones, just acting technique through monologues and scene work each week. 


Great for new actors wanting to get their feet wet or seasoned professionals looking to stay sharp.

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Chandler Ryan.jpg

Chandler Ryan

Professional Actor


Thursdays 7:00-10:00 p

$325 for 6 Week Session

10 Student Limit 

Eligibility Requirements

Beginning March 24, 2022

For those that have successfully completed Acting for Camera 1. 


Continue your study of On-Camera Acting with Chandler Ryan, The Actor Factory's newest and most popular instructor. Delve into longer scene study, while honing your craft for the lens.  Dig deeper, get pushed harder and keep learning.


REQUIREMENTS: Must have completed Acting for Camera at The Actor Factory within the last 36 months.

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Elizabeth_4670 (1).jpeg

Elizabeth Ann Townsend

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm

$275 for 6-week class 

14- Student Limit, Ages 18+ 

Beginning March 21, 2022


It’s hard to play emotional scenes take after take in film, and night after night in theater. Learning the Michael Chekhov Technique of “Psychological Gesture” will probably help. Elizabeth Townsend is a professional actor from New York, and is certified to teach the Chekhov Technique.  

Townsend, nationally certified to teach this technique,  will gently take students through this amazing technique that enables actors to perform emotional scenes easier and safer.

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