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The Actor Factory

3750 W. Main

5 Park A

Norman, OK 73072


 call/text: 405.323.3354  

email us

Driving Directions
  • Take I-35 to the Main Street WESTBOUND exit (Exit 109) in Norman.

  • Go approximately 1 1/2 blocks West, TURN LEFT at NW 36th Street  (There is a  Fedex Office just to the south of the corner)

  • JUST PAST the Fedex Office, you will TURN RIGHT into the PARK ON MAIN complex.

  • Follow that road and straight ahead you will see the sign for The Actor Factory.  It is right at the bend in the road. There will be a parking lot to your left.

The Monday Morning Memo

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Taped Auditions

Actors, if you need an audition taped please email us. Please DO NOT rely on the phone line. The best way to schedule your taping is to email us by clicking the button below.

Stay Connected

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