Kato Buss

Professional Actor & University Professor

Mondays 7:00p-9:00p

$295 for 8 Week Session

12 Student Limit 

Eligibility Requirements

Returns Soon!


Advanced actors delve into the process of in-depth scene and character study.


An advanced class for advanced actors only. If you have taken multiple Actor Factory classes, or you have several film or television credits, or if you have been acting professionally for years, this is probably the class for you. go in-depth with your training as Kato Buss pushes you to go further in your study of the craft, working you through the questions you need to ask in your analysis of scene and character.


Keep your acting muscles in shape by going to the "acting gym" each week.


*This class has requirements for acceptance.  All enrollment is on a "wait-list" policy until enrollment is approved by instructor and Factory staff.  Once enrollment is approved, students will be contacted by phone and payment will be due at that time. Approved students will then be removed from the wait list.