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13-Week Training Program for Actors Aged 10-17
NEW!!  Junior Academy for Ages 7-9

Ready for some on-camera acting training? Ready to have fun, make friends, and learn about filmmaking?

The Actor Factory Young Performers Academy’s semester long program offers a full-service training ground for beginners or seasoned actors. Students will receive fun and specialized training from industry professionals in auditioning, improvisation, building a character, and on-camera acting!
They will build friendships and hone communication skills while working together with other students to build scenes and characters. Each semester ends in an exciting showcase for friends and family!

Student Success Stories

Check out what some of our previous students have been up to!

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 6.44.14 PM.png
Lane Factor

Series Regular, FX on Hulu's Peabody Award-winning Reservation Dogs

Steven Spielberg's The Fablemens

Addison Hambright.jpg
Addison Hambright


The Unbreakable Boy

Feature Films

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 10.40.10 AM.png
Madilyn Kellam

Disney's The Naughty Nine

Run with the Hunted feature film starring Melissa Leo

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 10.42.54 AM.png
Reylynn Caster

Series Regular, 

CBS's The Young & The Restless

CBS's Me, Myself and I

Thatcher Ridings

Lifetime's Southern Christmas

Addie Hoppers

Lotus Entertainment's Starbright

Riley Kahn.jpg
Riley Kahn

What Josiah Saw 

Feature Film

Camille Columbus

FOX's Brooklyn 99

Chole Davis

Whaling starring Tammin Sursok, Tom Felton,

David Koechner

Chole Wyatt

Painted Woman starring Stef Dawson, Matt Dallas

Winner: Best Actress at Wild Bunch Film Festival

Owen Joyner

Nickelodeon's 100 Things To Do Before Highschool

Noah Crawford

NBC's My Name Is Earl and CBS's Criminal Minds

Atreyu Mansker

Young Prince in Scandal Made Me Famous TV series

Jada Williams

National commercial

for Crew 82

Gavin Taylor

Christmas in the Heartland starring Bo Derek, Shelley Long

Victoria Scott

ABC's Modern Family

Days of Our Lives (CBS)

Young Performer Academy Session
AGES 10-17

5:00-6:30 pm
Beginning January 23, 2024

Showcase last week of April

12-Student Limit
 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Beginning January 25, 2024

Showcase last week of April

12- Student Limit

Junior Academy Session
AGES 7-9

2 Sections
5:15 - 6:30 pm
Beginning January 29, 2024

Showcase last week of April

10-Student Limit
Weeks 1-4 | Acting for Camera

Students will jump right in with acting for camera lessons! This fun and informative section will teach kiddos skills like:

  • Working within the frame (Crossing, eye-line, etc.)

  • The difference between film and theatre

  • Taking direction

  • Character development

  • Film terms and more!

Each week students will work on scenes from film and television, pushing their craft forward.

Weeks 5-7 | Improvisation

No acting training is complete without the most fun training of all: Improv!! These three weeks focus on improvising and learning skills like:

  • The basics of improv

  • Improvising in auditions - It happens more often than you'd think!

  • Working with scene partners while improvising

Weeks 8-10 | Audition for Camera

Working with working professionals in the casting office is the best training around! Casting associate Tiffany Feese and casting assistant Bethany Bourland will work with kiddos on:

  • Translating acting for camera skills to auditions

  • Taking direction quickly

  • Cold reading

  • Dos and don'ts

Weeks 11-12 | Workshop & Rehearsal

Casting Director Chris Freihofer, CSA will also come in for a mock audition scenario to give kiddos the feel of an actual audition. This is a great opportunity (and lots of grown-up actors would love this chance!)

Finally, some rehearsal! The group will work on their best scenes from the course, practice their favorite improv games for the showcase, and tie up any loose ends.

Week 13 | Showcase

We invite family to come see what these kiddos have worked so hard on! 

Advanced Academy

Tuesdays,  7:00-8:30 p.m.
Thursdays,  5:00-6:30 pm
Beginning January 23 & 25, 2024

10-Student Limit

The Actor Factory Young Performer Advanced Academy includes all of the aspects you LOVED about your first Academy experience but with elevated training and new areas of film to explore. 


Not only will all Advanced Academy sessions offer training in a variety of areas, but we will also focus on a specific area of training each semester. Options for specific areas of training include:

  • Filmmaking (Including making your own short film!)

  • Dramatic Acting

  • Comedic Acting

  • Cold Reads

  • Auditioning

  • Commercial Acting

  • Improvisation

  • Workshops with a variety of professional teachers.


Each semester, the teaching team will determine which area we will focus on and parents will be notified via email. 


Every student starts in THE ACADEMY, no matter what classes they have taken or where they have studied acting in the past. Students will not be invited to join The ADVANCED ACADEMY until they have completed our introductory program, an important building block before moving on to more elevated training. If you are sure that your student is an exception to the rule, email and we can discuss.

Advanced Academy Enrollment requires
completion of YP Academy and Special Permission. 
To apply for one of the 24 seats in Advanced Academy, click HERE

Meet the Young Performer Academy Team

Chris Oz McIntosh

Award-winning filmmaker

& Young Performer Academy Director

Chris Oz McIntosh is a Young Performer favorite, and Director of the Young Performer Academy, beginning his 10th year of teaching kids at The Factory. He is an award-winning filmmaker and editor with a degree in Broadcast & Electronic Media from the University of Oklahoma,


Chris’ short film MOVIE MAGIC, starring Factory Young Performers, screened at festivals across the country, including the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival and received top honors at several festivals nationwide.  His next film, STICK UP, was either nominated for or won top honors at several festivals across the country.


He is an editor (editing Film Camp demo reels for 10 years), along with the feature film FRACKERS. 

Academy segments: Acting for Camera, Audition for Camera

Emily Bertels.jpeg
Emily Bertels

Professional Actor

Oklahoma Educator

Emily Bertels is a professional actor as well as a high school educator.  


Factory Film Campers know Emily as the sound recordist of all the demo reels, but Emily is a longtime Actor Factory student, having taken nearly every class offered.


She has worked on countless film & television sets as a stand-in, body double and background performer, and can be seen in principals roles in Lifetime's Deadly Seduction, the 360-degree VR feature All Terrain, ABC's The Last Defense, the features The Pale Door, Hosea, Spectre and many more.


Academy Segment: Acting for Camera

Kasey Weir.jpeg
Kasey Weir

Professional Actor 

Casting Assistant

Kasey Weir returns to teach Young Performers at The Actor Factory after having spent the last decade in Los Angeles.  Prior to her departure, Kasey worked as an actor as well as a casting assistant at Freihofer Casting. She also taught several classes of  Young Performer Audition for Camera prior to the creating of Young Performer Academy.

She has appeared on stage, in film and commercials.

She has since returned to Oklahoma to be near family and has been assisting the adult class Audition for Film & Television.

Academy Segments: Audition for Camera

Madison Niederhauser


University Professor

We are thrilled to have University of Oklahoma theater professor Madison Niederhauser join the Factory staff, teaching improvisation to adults and Young Performers. 


His improv roots come from his study at Chicago's IO. He has taught improv in Chicago and now at the OU School of Drama, where he also directs and teaches acting.

He has appeared on stage for Chicago Shakespeare, Actors Theater of Louisville, The Commission Theater (Chicago) and more.  In addition to stage acting, he is an experienced voiceover artist and audiobook narrator.

Academy segment:  Improv

Meet the Junior Academy Team

Melanie Baxter.jpeg
Melanie Baxter

Professional Actor

Director of Junior Academy

Professional actor Melanie Baxter has her BFA in Acting from the University of Oklahoma, and has appeared in multiple commercials, film and television.  Look for her in the Crackle series Fairwood and in an upcoming blockbuster film in the summer of 2024. She is a staple at The Actor Factory, having taught several camps for both adults and kids. She also is the teaching assistant for the adult classes Acting for Camera, Advanced Camera and Scene Study.

Academy Sections:  Acting for Camera, Improv


Junior Academy Segments: Acting for Camera

Jonathan Lipnicki.jpg
Jonathan Lipnicki

Professional Actor

Critic's Choice Award Winner

Critic’s Choice Award-winner Jonathan Lipnicki rose to international fame as a child actor for his starring roles in the films JERRY MAGUIRE, the STUART LITTLE franchise and THE LITTLE VAMPIRE. He has worked non-stop as an actor his entire life, appearing in film and television, studied the craft voraciously at the Pasadena Playhouse, worked as a camp counselor in Los Angeles, and has a dedication and enthusiasm for teaching, unmatched by anyone. He now makes Oklahoma his home, and The Actor Factory is proud to have him as an exclusive instructor when he is between bookings.

Academy Section:  Scene Study

Hartleigh Buwicl.jpg
Hartleigh Buwick

Professional Actor

Former Talent Agent

Hartleigh Buwick is a professional actor and former talent agent.  She has recurring roles in the Paramount+ series TULSA KING and the upcoming Crackle series FAIRWOOD, as well as major supporting roles I the cult horror film THE INHABITANT and the Lifetime film IN BED WITH A  KILLER, as well as many more. She also was the film & television agent at the Switzer Talent Agency, and has taught acting, voice and dance to kids in Los Angeles and Oklahoma.

Academy Section: Audition for Camera

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 1.51.13 PM.png
Chloe Remaley


Former Talent Agent

Chloe is a graduate of the Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts, and will very soon have her BFA in acting from the University of Oklahoma. She has taught acting to kids at the ZACH Theater, Oklahoma Children’s Theater, Norman High School and the Sooner Theater, and has been a teacher’s assistant at the University of Oklahoma. She has studied improv under Madison Neiderhauser. She is an Ida Z Kirk Award winner and has appeared in and directed theater performances.


Academy Section: Improvisation

Let's do it!

*Schedule is subject to change due to weather


   Young Performer Academy  $550.00 

Junior Academy   $499.00


(Monthly plans available)


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Questions about the current session?


Deposits are not refunded. Enrollment cannot be canceled within 72 hours of the start of the first class. If cancellation must be made outside of 72 hours before the start of the first class, your account will be refunded all monies paid on top of a $100 deposit. There are no refunds within 72 hours of the start of the first class and after the class session has begun.


In the event of inclement weather, a determination will be made on the safety of road conditions within a 30-mile perimeter of The Actor Factory. If class is rescheduled, parents will receive an email and The Actor Factory will update its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. If there is time, parents will be sent a text to the number on their Active account. In the event of a reschedule, an extra week will be added to the end of the class session to assure students receive the entire amount of training paid for.

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