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Josh Fadem

Actor & Comedian

Josh Fadem 30 Rock.png

With Tina Fey on NBC's 30 ROCK

Josh Fadem Better Call Saul.png

With Bob Odenkirk on AMC's BETTER CALL SAUL

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Sundays  7:00-9:00 pm

$295 for 6 Week Session

14 Student Limit

Beginning July 28, 2024

Josh Fadem has made a career of being funny in front of the camera, and he knows the importance of honing comedic skills. He studied at length at the legendary The Groundlings in Los Angeles, and moved to UCB to hone his improv skills, where he was a regular performer of sketch and improv.  He also has been a stand-up comedian for over 20 years.

He has appeared in over 150 film and television productions, including recurring roles in such series as BETTER CALL SAUL, 30 ROCK, and TWIN PEAKS, with appearances in dozens of others, including LOKI, RENO 911, IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and KEY & PEELE. He has played funny characters in comedies and has been comic relief in dramas.

Being able to tap into his freedom to be creative on set has created booking opportunities for decades.

He feels anyone, including the hard-noses who say they are not funny at all,  can be funny. Anyone. It's all a matter of loosening up, not caring and not being afraid to fail.  He has designed this class to help actors unlock their blocks and let go.  It will be a fun, relaxed, hilarious two hours each week.

This class will be a deep-dive into comedy characters, comic delivery and comedy performance. He will work with actors to mine scripts for comedic options, even when not clearly on the page.  He will open minds to finding freedom on set, taking the pressure off, and most importantly, having fun!

This class isn't about "being funny", but rather "finding the funny" quickly and with confidence.  Actors with comic skills book jobs.  Take it from Josh.

In different scenes and exercises, Josh will gently nudge and encourage actors to let go, trust themselves and find success in failure.

"I want people to fail. I encourage it. Failing is good.  Having the courage to get up and fail is what helps actors get funnier," he said.


With Kyle MacLachlan on Showtime's TWIN PEAKS

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