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Tiffany Feese

Beverly Holloway Casting

(Los Angeles)

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:15 pm CST
Beginning June 4, 2024
4-week class
10-Student Limit, Ages 16+

Learn what you can do to make sure your self tapes are watched for more than the initial first 10 seconds. Improve your home studio, and get tips and advice from a Los Angeles casting professional, as well as other guests. Send in your self tapes and get live critique and evaluation with the entire class.

"...I took Tiffany Feese's class and really enjoyed her open presence. It was great to see how each of us grew throughout her class. I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to study with her. Since Tiffany's class, I have had several callbacks and opportunities. I'm excited to continue applying her teachings in future film/tv opportunities. She had great notes on how to make the self-tape process more intimate."  - Abbey Killin, Dallas, TX

Self taping is the norm and no longer the exception. Are your self tapes getting seen beyond the typical first 10 seconds?  Are you grabbing their attention and keeping it from the beginning?  Let’s face it. Most self tapes are not first viewed by the casting director, but are seen by casting assistants or associates on the first pass, and many don’t make it past the first round of consideration, mainly because of simple mistakes that could be fixed.

Tiffany Feese is a Los Angeles casting professional and actor, who spends the majority of her day watching self tapes for a living. She is a former casting associate at Freihofer Casting in Oklahoma, and is now a casting associate at Beverly Holloway Casting in L.A. She has viewed thousands of self tapes, and feels the overwhelming majority could be improved with some simple guidance and adjustments. Even if you have an amazing  home studio, your tapes could still be falling short in performance and could benefit from professional feedback. 


This class will assign and evaluate four different self tapes from participants, focusing on the basics and building to the specifics that capture the eye of casting professionals.  Improve your home studio, improve the look and feel, and grab and then keep the attention through the end of the scene.

Each week, participants will be asked to upload audition videos into a dropbox.  They will be from either assigned material or even from past self tape auditions.  Feese will watch with the class and evaluate production value (lighting, sound, location, camera, file quality) as well as acting performance.

In weeks 3 and 4 of the class, Feese will be joined by other casting professionals from around the country, who will also off their feedback and suggestions

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