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Knowing how to format your resumé may leave you feeling a little lost. 


Although acting resumés are very different to most others, there is a format and a standard that casting directors are expecting to see. 


While there are variations on where to place your name (left, right or center) and your agent’s contact info and your union affiliation, we have created and provided a template for you to use free of charge.

Download this easy actor resumé template.

  • Keep your resumé to one page. If you start running out of space, trim down the credits or use a smaller font.

  • Make sure it's easy to read. 

    • Never make font smaller than 10 point

    • Pick easy to read fonts

    • Use black ink on white paper

  • Do not use Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts

  • Print it on 8x10 cheap paper

    • You should be reprinting resumés all the time (from all your new bookings) and printing on expensive paper makes casting directors think you don't update it very often.

Need help resizing your photos for submissions? Click here.

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