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 Hartleigh Buwick

Professional Actor

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Wednesday Afternoons

1:00-4:00 pm

$395 for 6 Week Session

12 Student Limit

Beginning October 26, 2022

A class perfect for people with flexible afternoons, or who may want to keep their evenings free.


Camera acting is a different beast to stage acting. Learn on-camera acting technique, what is expected of the actor upon arrival on set, and much more.  


Join Factory instructor, film and television actor and former talent agent Hartleigh Buwick, as she offers her class Acting for Camera at The Factory in a 6-week session.

Buwick, who holds a degree in Acting from the University of Oklahoma, and who has trained at major acting studios in L.A., has the natural ability and freedom to be completely herself on set. She will help actors find the subtle nuance of the on-camera performance, while making sure not to mask their own personality.

As an actor, Buwick will appear as the recurring character Maisie in several episodes of the Paramount+ series TULSA KING, starring Sylvester Stallone.  Other appearances include Switched at Birth, Breaking Them Up and the Lifetime film In Bed With a Killer.

View her complete IMDB credits by clicking here.


The class will cover all aspects of on-camera acting in eight specific lessons. The many exercises will include hitting marks, continuity, eyeline, adjusting performance for the shot, and many more.  The procedures of acting in a major film will also be covered, from the time the actor is cast, following the actor through wrap.  Call sheets, contracts, pre-call expectations, the hierarchy of the set, how to read one-liner and Day out of Days schedules and more will be covered.


But most importantly, participants will be filmed in several on-set scenarios in a very active and upbeat classroom setting.  Playback will be evaluated each week in class, followed by constructive critique from Ryan.


The class is open to beginning or advanced actors aged 18 and up.

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