Alissa Mortimer

Professional Actor & Theater Director

Wednesdays 6:30p-8:30p

$275 for 6-Week Session

12 Student Limit

Begins January 15



Alissa Mortimer is an award-winning actor and theater director, having appeared in or staged productions from the west coast to South Africa.


Mortimer is highly regarded as one of the favorite instructors at The Factory and her gentle, intuitive and constructive approach brings every actor to the next level of their craft.  Using monologues and scenes from prepared material, actors are encouraged to find more truth in their performances, more believability in their characters to lead to more captivating performances.  Learn her approach to the craft in eight easy installments.


Delve into scene study, create unforgettable characters and improve your overall technique in the craft of acting in The Factory’s only on-going revolving class. 


No cameras, no microphones, just scenes and monologues while learning various approaches to acting. 


Designed after the top ongoing acting classes in Los Angeles and New York, Alissa Millar currently teaches acting at the University of Oklahoma, a class she honed while teaching at Butler University, Indiana Rep and Phoenix Theatre.  She gently pushes actors at their own pace and level, making this a perfect class for beginners or seasoned veterans.


Ongoing classes are strongly urged by agents and managers for professionals in the major cities. This is an ongoing class with a  12-student maximum.  Students can join the class when openings arise and can remain in the class just by renewing their membership each 8 weeks.


The class is open to beginning or advanced actors aged 16 and up.


Alissa Mortimer, directing an international award-winning production of the stage play "Miss Ever's Boys" in Grahamstown, South Africa, July, 2014

3750 W. Main 5 Park A

Norman, OK 73072



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