Karli Blalock

Actor, Yoga Instructor

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Mondays & Thursdays
5:15-6:15 pm CST
Beginning June 1
Ages 15+
Flat Rate: $50 for 4 weeks
Attendance for all classes encouraged but not required
(Only $6.25/class if you take all 8 classes)

Yoga for the Actor is a series developed by professional actor and yoga instructor Karli Blalock. In this class, you will connect to your breath and body, learn tools to calm nerves and get present, and gain body awareness to help with posture, strength, and confidence. Whether you’re in the audition room or in the throes of an intense scene, it is important to stay grounded, centered, and focused. Additionally, the actor will receive techniques in how to find center and calmness prior to auditions.


In each session, we will move and flow, as well as discuss the weekly theme as it relates to the present moment, fully integrating it to body and mind. This interactive online class is intended to be ongoing and will build in 8 week intervals. 


Karli Blalock is uniquely excited to be teaching at the Actor Factory, as she has been a student and friend of Chris Freihofer for over fifteen years. Teaching Yoga for the Actor feels like a celebratory merging of her career paths in theatre, film, and yoga. Karli’s relationship with yoga has been one of radical healing on a mental and physical level.


Since receiving her yoga teaching certification, it has been her mission to share the awesome healing powers of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Karli holds secure and inviting space for individuals at every junction along their journey. With a degree in drama and yoga training in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Kundalini, Karli offers a methodical, balanced and powerful experience which students can integrate on and off the mat. 


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