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Veteran Film/TV Actor Darryl Cox
offers Acting for Camera 1-Day Workshop 



NEXT WORKSHOP:  Check back soon!


Factory instructor Darryl Cox has taken his popular 8-week class Acting for Camera and paired it down to a one-day workshop,  10 am - 6 pm.



Cox appears this season in the hot new series AMERICAN CRIME, starring Felicity Huffman. He recently apepared in the Tom Hanks-produced film PARKLAND and Terrence Malick's TO THE WONDER.  Other appearances include TNT's DALLAS and the USA series IN PLAIN SIGHT.  He has over 50 film and television credits to his resume and has taught Acting for Camera at The Actor Factory since it opened.


The one-day workshop will be a concentrated version of his class that teaches the basics of acting on camera and adjusting performances for the size of the shot.


Cox will spend the day teaching the technique of acting on film and television.  Unlike The Factory's touring audition workshop that teaches how to get the job, this workshop teaches what happens next: How to work on set.  


Cox will work participants through exercises he has developed that will help actors with the technical aspects of hitting marks without looking, finding key light, and matching performance from take to take. But the day goes more in-depth, working on finding the subtleties in performances.  Cox helps actors learn to adjust their performance to the lens and no further. 


The workshop is imperative for beginners wishing to pursue work in front of the camera, is a must for theatre actors needing to make the adjustment to film, and is a great reminder for veteran film actors needing to refocus their talent.


Darryl Cox has appeared in dozens and dozens of film and television projects, from such films as ROBOCOP, A PERFECT WORLD, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, BOTTLE ROCKET and AMERICAN OUTLAWS, to such TV series as PRISON BREAK, WALKER, TEXAS RANGER, L.A. LAW, NYPD BLUE,  FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, CHASE and THE DEEP END.   He has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for 25 years, and has taught acting on camera for over 20 in Oklahoma, Texas and Los Angeles.  He currently teaches at the University of Oklahoma, and at The Actor Factory.  He is considered the best teacher of the technique in this region.


Cost for the day is $150 per person. There is a limit of only 12 people in the class, available to beginners or advanced, age 16 and up.


Professional Voice Artist & Producer

10am - 5 pmClass limit: 12

Cost:  $150 








Have you been told you have a great voice? Have you always wanted to work as an actor in animation, video games or radio commercials? Has the world of voice-acting appealed to you but you weren't sure where to start? 


Join Voice-Over Technique, The Actor Factory's newest class to be offered as a one-day intensive. 


Jeff Nokes, Oklahoma voice artist and owner of Aspen Digital Studio has written, voiced and produced over 300 commercials, promos and jingles.  Some of his former students are doing voice-over acting in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago as well as Oklahoma City and from their own homes.  He has concentrated his 8-week Factory class into a 1-Day Intensive that will immerse the actor into the art of acting with just their voice. 


"Voice acting is such a powerful and important skill to have," said Factory Director Chris Freihofer. "I've wanted to offer voice classes since we opened the Factory three years ago, and it has always been the plan. We just didn't have the resources or the available classroom to do it. But these skills are yet another way to keep an actor employed." 


Freihofer discussed the changing market in the voice industry, noting that actual voice auditions in casting offices are becoming more and more rare, with auditions now being held online. "Actors receive a notice from one of the voice casting websites, they record their audition from their home equipment, which is becoming cheaper and easier almost by the day, and are up for consideration for national jobs. It's not uncommon at all to record auditions for spots all over the country, and never have to leave your home to do it." 


Said Nokes:  "The (workshop) deals with everything from voice prep to studio skills, script analysis to creating a demo and marketing.  


"We will cover dialects, character and cartoon voices, video game voices as well as straight reads. We'll teach techniques in "woodshedding" a script, breathing, physicality, posture. We'll learn about finding the tone of each spot, who is your target audience, what is your character's attitude, etc. We will talk about script analysis techniques, and how to compiling scripts for your personal demo. We'll also talk about how you market yourself in this market and in the larger markets of Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, and how to effectively and affordably create your home studio."


Participants will work on scripted copy that will be recorded with playback and critique throughout the day.


Open to beginning and advanced actors, age 16 and up.

Acting & Character Study
with Alissa Mortimer


Next Workshop: TBD


Factory instructor Alissa Mortimer will bring a 2-day intensive version of her popular 8-week Factory class Acting & Character Study to Tulsa.

The intensive will focus on the nuts and bolts of acting and building a character, especially in a time crunch situation. When actors need to ask the important questions quickly, either on set or in auditions. Delve into scene study, create unforgettable characters and improve your overall technique in the craft. No cameras, no microphones, just scenes and monologues while learning various approaches to acting. 


After a discussion of acting vocabulary and how to build character, Mortimer will spend two days doing in the in-depth acting work of building a character and answering the acting questions, using assigned scenes and monologues. 

Alissa Mortimer is an award-winning actor and theater director, having appeared in or staged productions from the west coast to South Africa. She is an award-winning actress and an internationally-acclaimed theater director.


Mortimer is highly regarded as one of the favorite instructors at The Factory and her gentle, intuitive and constructive approach brings every actor to the next level of their craft.  Using monologues and scenes from prepared material, actors are encouraged to find more truth in their performances, more believability in their characters to lead to more captivating performances.  Learn her approach to the craft in eight easy installments.


Designed after the top ongoing acting classes in Los Angeles and New York, Alissa Millar currently teaches acting at the University of Oklahoma, a class she honed while teaching at Butler University, Indiana Rep and Phoenix Theatre.  She gently pushes actors at their own pace and level, making this a perfect class for beginners or seasoned veterans.

Audition for Film & Television

Traveling 1-Day Intensive

with Chris Freihofer, CSA
9:00 am - 5:00 pm 
FIRST-TIMERS - Saturday, May 20th
ADVANCED - Sunday, May 21st


Casting Director and Actor Chris Freihofer brings a concentrated 1-day version of his very popular 6-week class Audition for Film & Television to various cities throughout the year. Develop and hone the technique of the audition: what casting directors look for, how to tweak your performance specific to the job interview, make the best choices for the material and most importantly, learn how to conquer the biggest enemy in the room: your nerves.


Limited to only 12 participants, each guaranteed to perform two different scenes in mock auditions during the day, this one-day intensive is a great kick-start or reboot to your screen acting career.


Saturday's Beginning Session:  

Are you new to the industry? Or maybe you've been plugging away for a while but haven't booked much. Maybe you're trying to make the transition from stage to screen. This is the day for you. Freihofer will demystify the casting process and break it down for you while encouraging you to hit the next level.


Sunday's Advanced Session:

Are you a seasoned on-camera pro? Do you have several bookings in union film or network television?  Or have you taken Chris Freihofer's Audition for Film & Television 6-week class or his one-day intensive?  This day for advanced actors only cuts right to the chase.


Learn more.