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Industry Insiders Unlock the Doors of Hollywood

for Aspiring Writers, Directors, Actors, Composers, Editors, Producers & More

The Actor Factory presents an industry intensive like no other, February 24-25, 2017.

Hollywood is one of the toughest businesses in the world to navigate.  Why? Because it’s a flawed business model built on smoke and mirrors.  It can take years to become an overnight success.  Or years just to become a working artist.  

After a 40 years of combined success in Hollywood, Writer/Director/Producers Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward have discovered the connective tissue to everything in Hollywood.  It’s the one thing that connects all the players. Whether you’re a writer, actor, director, editor or composer - everything is connected through story.  Both yours and the ones told on screen.

Greg Coolidge

Kirk Ward

From starting as production assistants on indie movies to selling a 1.25 million dollar pitch to Paramount, writing and directing Lionsgate’s hit EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, creating THE TROOP series for Nickelodeon, adapting THE EXPENDABLES franchise into a TV series for Lionsgate/CBS, to creating the smash hit RIDE ALONG franchise for Universal Studios - Coolidge and Ward have practically done it all.

Currently on the front lines of Hollywood with active projects set up at every major studio, Coolidge and Ward will give you an in-depth behind the scenes look at how Hollywood operates in today’s world. From streaming content to big budget releases, they will bring you truth, inspiration and insider information to help you accomplish your goals and tap into Hollywood.

Friday Night
Industry Mixer
7-9 pm

Meet with Coolidge & Ward in a relaxed, social environment in a local establishment.

Explain your goals, aspirations, and ask general questions.

9 am – 4 pm

The Hollywood Family Tree

Coolidge and Ward will walk you through the players that make up the Hollywood machine:  studios, networks, agencies and managers. Who they are who does what… and who to avoid.  



Coolidge and Ward will chart perfectly structured story examples from JAWS to BREAKING BAD to MRS. DOUBTFIRE to help you understand the foundation of storytelling.  This knowledge will give you serious advantage in the business because honestly, there are very few solid storytellers in Hollywood – which is why so many movies and TV shows are forgettable.

To tap in even deeper, Coolidge and Ward also offer a subscription network where you can ask questions, get advice, pitch ideas, or break your story with Coolidge, Ward and their professional peers.

All participants receive a FREE copy of Final Draft screenwriting software (a $250 value). Already have Final Draft? Get a free upgrade to Final Draft 10, or donate your copy to someone else.

So you think you’re ready for Hollywood?

Then don’t tap out – tap in.

February 24-25, 2017 | The Actor Factory | Norman, OK | $425

Follow the project

Coolidge and Ward will interact directly with participants: a writer, actor, director, etc. to simulate what their project or path would look like from beginning to end – demonstrating how to navigate the ups, downs, curveballs and pitfalls of the machine.


What’s your story?

Using select participants as examples, Coolidge and Ward will give them techniques, tools and inspiration to help them strategize their particular career path.  This will empower participants to have a clear understanding of where they fit in and how the business works.

Hollywood Lunch

A teleconference Q & A with working Hollywood players making a special guest appearance exclusively for Tap In. For this session, the incredible actor Michael Rosenbaum will SKYPE in with all participants at The Actor Factory.  You may know Rosenbaum as the amazing Lex Luthor in 154 episodes of the CW hit series SMALLVILLE, or you may have seen his fantastic series IMPASTOR currently running on TV Land. Rosenbaum will also appear as Star-Lord in the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY sequel. Ask questions, here his story, gain great insight from a very respected working actor. (lunch provided)

The Coolidge Ward Network  

You’ll finish the day connected not only to the community of participants in the workshop, but also to Coolidge, Ward and their peers, who are part of their personal, professional network - so you will have an ongoing support community where you can commiserate, celebrate and build working relationships.