Rebecca McCauley

Professional Improviser & Producer

Sundays 4:00p-6:00p

$200 for 6 Week Session

16 Student Limit

Starts July 9, 2017

(No class July 23 and August 20)


Available only to those that have either taken Improv Technique at The Actor Factory, or to experienced veterans of improvisation. This is a brand new class unlike any other and is guided by Rebecca McCauley, longtime Actor Factory instructor. 


Create and build a character in long-form improv exercises and perform that character in front of loved ones on the final night of class August 27.


Create storylines and characters that you revisit throughout the session. The actor can build backstory and objectives for inter-related characters in a completely creative environment.  Actors will discover and play a fully realized character without learning a single line. It will be like living a play or movie, because you're co-creating with other actors in real time.


Actors will perform from a reality they've built using the story skills of a playwright without typing a single word. Writing on your feet. Acting from your soul. It's a grown-up version of Let's Pretend that keeps on going.


“It will be like living a play or movie because you're co-creating with other actors in real time," McCauley says. "I will provide everybody with a story notebook and we can chart the paths of the lives and storylines. The group will decide what scenes they want and need to see and play."


McCauley has performed in and taught improv across the country.  She is a theatre and industrial video writer and producer, and is an established film and commercial actor.  She has taught improv at The Factory since the doors opened.