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Friday Memo | January 16

January 16, 2015

Ricki & Robert Hit The Studio This Weekend

L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. Talent Agent Robert Haas

The dynamic duo of L.A. casting director Ricki Maslar and L.A. talent agent Robert Haas return to The Actor Factory to present their amazing weekend workshop for adults, Show & Business. It will be their 6th trip to The Factory in as many years, and some seats still remain for beginners or advanced actors aged 16+.

The workshop is held 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday, January 16-17.


"This is an opportunity you would absolutely never get in Los Angeles," said Actor Factory director and founder Chris Freihofer. "And it is very, very rare to meet with a talent agent of this stature, as well as get the perspective from a top-tier agent and casting director in the same room at the same time.  And what makes it even better, both of them have a true gift for teaching. They really have a desire to see their students grow, and have a great way to communicate to everyone at any level."


Maslar has nearly 100 feature films in her casting credits, with several in pre-production. Some of her credits include PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, TWISTER, DAHMER (discovering Jeremy Renner) and many, many more.  This past year she produced the television pilot SWALLOW YOUR BLISS and cast the recent Made-in-Oklahoma film MONDAY AT 11:01 AM.  She currently has many films listed in pre-production.  View her credits HERE.



Haas is a reputed talent agent at Innovative Artists, one of L.A.'s top-tier talent agencies, where he reps some of the hottest stars of both television and the big screen.  He personally represents Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award winners and nominees.



"Not only are they both hard-working professionals at their top of their game," said Chris Freihofer, Director and Founder of The Actor Factory, "But they both have a warm, nurturing spirit. They are truly gifted at teaching actors and helping them to grow. Add to that their invaluable real-world experience, and the ping-ponging perspective from a working casting director and working top-tier agent in the same room. It is a weekend you won't soon forget." 



Actors will work on prepared scenes and exercises as Maslar and Haas gently push them to get to the standards they need to see in Los Angeles. Class is limited to 22 participants. 



The workshop consists of four 3-hour sessions:



Session 1 - The Business

This session covers the nuts and bolts of the industry.  The relationship of an actor to his/her agent, manager, casting director, director, film crew, and anyone else that they might professionally encounter is addressed, as is the audition process and harsh realities of the business.  Protocol on a set and actors' tools (pictures, resumes, demo tapes, etc.) are also an important aspect of the session.  Time is taken for question and answer periods in which the leaders help solve some of the problems that are presented to the actors.



Session 2 - Getting to Know You

The most important thing about any actor's classroom is comfort level.  The classroom is where an actor must feel free to try new things, take risks, and find out what works and what doesn't.  This is achieved through a group discussion of individual introductions and feelings about the film industry, trust exercises, acting games, and improvisation.  This is where the concept of "ensemble acting" is introduced.  Many exercises learned and enjoyed by the actors will be repeated as warm-ups or "stress relief" throughout the rest of the time together.



Session 3 - Scene Study

After certain film technique and language is covered, the workshop leaders are given the opportunity to work with everyone in the group individually.  Scenes that actors have had to work on overnight will be worked through, focusing on specific problem areas.  It is in this section that the "hands on" work truly begins.



Session 4 - The Audition

Actors will have actual audition scenes from various films that are specifically chosen for them.  All actors will work in pairs and individually.  A "Mock Audition" will occur when actors are asked to do a scene in a typical audition setting.  They will learn the challenges of an audition room, working with difficult material, and working with difficult casting directors.



The workshop is positive and upbeat, empowering actors with supportive, constructive critique.


Cost for this workshop is $395.  Only 22 total seats are in this workshop.


To enroll now, click here.  For questions, call The Actor Factory at 405.701.1673.



Some Factory Classes Delayed Start Dates

Due to some instructor conflicts, studio double-booking and other issues, some Actor Factory classes had to delay their start dates by one week.  This allows potential students the opportunity to fill remaining last-minute slots.


Two adult classes and four Young Performer classes had to delay their starts one week.


The dates on the website TheActorFactory.com will not be updated until business hours begin Friday, but dates at the bottom of this email and on the online enrollment system are correct.




ACTING FOR CAMERA with Darryl Cox was pushed one week and will begin this Tuesday, January 20. This is the second longest-running class at The Factory, taught by a veteran of over 60 feature films and network television series (see him soon in an upcoming episode of the new Felicity Huffman ABC series AMERICAN CRIME).  Cox teaches the mechanics of working on camera in film and television. In 8 classes, Cox teaches actors how to play to the lens but not through it, how to adjust their eyeline to the size of the shot, and many more techniques exclusive to the film actor. He has taught on-camera acting for over 25 years, at such places as The Actor's Lab in Dallas, the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, and at the University of Oklahoma, the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University.  The class meets from 7:00-9:30 pm.  Cost is $350.


VOICE OVER TECHNIQUE was also due to begin this week, but will now push to Thursday, January 22. This popular class taught by Jeff Nokes teaches actors the voice acting industry. Opportunities for local radio commercials, books on tape, documentary narration and character voices for animation and video games are all covered and examined. Each week, students get in front of the microphone and learn how to hear and manipulate their voice for industry needs.  Nokes also spends time discussing home studio options, voice marketing tools and how to seek job opportunities not only locally but nationwide, all from the comfort of your home computer.  The 8-week class meets from 6:30-9:00 pm.  Cost is $295.




ACTING & CHARACTER STUDY has to move to Wednesdays, due to a scheduling error. This popular class with one of the studio's newest teachers instructs kids how to make interesting choices in approaching characters, while asking important questions of themselves in their rehearsal process. It is warm, approachable and a great starter class for beginners and a fantastic brush-up class for kids needing a new approach. Instructor Happy Frejo has taught acting to kids for years, and is an accomplished stage and screen actor from Los Angeles to Oklahoma. She is also a fantastic mom. This class is divided into two age groups. Ages 8-11 meet from 6:00-7:15 pm, and ages 12-15 meet from 7:30-9:00 pm.  Cost is $125 for 7 weeks.  Class begins this Wednesday. (The website will show a Thursday start date until mid-day Friday).


TEEN IMPROV was also pushed one week, and will begin Tuesday, January 20.  This hilarious, energetic and empowering class instantly builds confidence, stimulates creativity and encourages young actors to attack any acting or social situation with fearlessness.  Unlike the adult improv class, this class is a high-energy tour-de-force that gets the heart pumping and creative juices flowing. Set for teens aged 13-17, this class is great for advanced actors as well as beginners, and will be the class they look forward to all week.  The class is team-taught by Zach Delaune, a member of OU Improv, and Hanna Slaymaker, improv performer and graduate of 5 levels of improv training at The Actor Factory.  Class is from 7:30-9:00 pm for 8 weeks.  Cost is $150.


TINY PERFORMER INTRO TO CAMERA is for ages 5-7.  Pre-readers learn the camera basics of slating, interviewing, commercial and film improvisation, and the difficult task of not looking into the lens. They are given exercises of hitting marks, taking direction and being aware of the camera's existence, while ignoring it in the scene. Kasey Weir is a former casting assistant at Freihofer Casting and has appeared in film and theater. She is a senior acting major at the University of Oklahoma, and has taught acting to kids for years. The 7-week class begins Tuesday, and is held from 5:00-6:00 pm for 7 weeks. Cost is $100.


To enroll in any of these classes, ACT NOW.  Jump on 2015 and make THIS the year you go to the next level.  It's time to book! And that means it's time to WORK!


For more information, click the title of each class.  For additional information, call The Factory at 405.701.1673.



Improv Technique Starts Sunday

But What Is It?

Starting Sunday, January 18,  IMPROV TECHNIQUE with Rebecca McCauley rolls out another 8-week session at The Actor Factory.  


Okay, but what is?



Not your typical Improv Comedy class taught at other studios, this is the practical application of improvisation techniques, as they apply to on-camera acting.  In other words, this is not a class that teaches you how to get up on stage in a comedy club and be funny.  Instead, this class empowers actors with the techniques of improvisation, giving them confidence in auditions and on set when the director "throws out the script."



"I wanted a class at The Factory that teaches actors not to fear improvisation," said Factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer. "Loads of commercials are improvisation and we have to audition them without scripts. I've worked on film auditions when the director doesn't say cut, or they just say 'Do whatever you want.' And I have been on set as an actor when the script is just tossed aside. We cast a major feature film once and all auditions were improvisation. You can see the terror in theater-trained actor's eyes. These actors are taught to honor and perform the script as written at all costs, and they typically get caught dead in their tracks.  This class is to free those actors from those fears."


Rebecca McCauley talk Improv Technique during a recent on-camera interview at The Factory.



McCauley is not only an accomplished improv performer on stages across the country, as well as a theater producer and actor, but she is also a screen actor, having appeared in feature films. she knows all too well the importance improvisation skills play into on-camera situations.



"Improv isn't about being funny or finding the funniest moment in the scene," she said. "It's about keeping the scene moving. It's about trusting yourself and listening to your partner. It's also about making your partner better; putting the focus on them rather than yourself."



Though the 8-week class is not comedy-based, there are plenty of laughs throughout the day.



"People can be very funny.  But it's not about that. People improvise all day long every day. Nothing is planned in their life. This class is about embracing that and using it to your advantage. There's nothing to be afraid of."



Improv Technique is from 4:00-6:00 pm Sundays beginning January 18.  Cost is $250.


To enroll in the class, click here.  For more information, click HERE.  To speak to a representative, call The Actor Factory at 405.701.1673



L.A. Headshot Photographer Returns February Feb 28-Mar 2

Los Angeles headshot photographer Jeffrey Nicholson announced a fast return to The Actor Factory after a sold out 3-day trip last weekend.


The top photographer will be at the studio February 28-March 2.


He will be shooting headshots of actors, musicians, speakers, comedians, models and more.


Nicholson cuts his L.A. rate in half, and all sessions include hair and makeup with a professional stylist, and a free DVD of all images, delivered within minutes upon completion of your session.


Not getting the auditions?  Your headshot may be working against you.  Make sure you present a headshot that is current, accurate and professional.  If you have been waiting to get the headshot you need from a trusted professional, this is your chance. He has shot some of the biggest stars in Los Angeles, with pictures even helping to launch the careers of many film and television stars.


"A headshot is your single-most important marketing tool," said Casting Director Chris Freihofer.  "It not only tells Casting Directors what you look like, but also tells us how seriously you take yourself and your acting career.  Sure, you can get a friend with a nice camera to take your picture, but it will work against you. A low-budget headshot looks just like what it is. A professional  headshot  photographer not only knows how to capture a good image, but how to capture personality as well.  Go to the next level and let a professional create the image you want to convey."


Freihofer also stressed an experienced headshot photographer brings casting experience to the session.  "A professional doesn't just take a great image of you. They help design your shot for the roles you would play, and help you create your marketing materials.  Jeffrey knows what's casting, knows what actors are successfully using as materials, and knows how to create materials that will help get you seen by casting directors."


"My suggestion is to always make sure Hollywood producers are seeing the type of headshots they are accustomed to seeing every day in L.A.  That way they feel more comfortable selecting a local actor for the role.  Believe it or not, it is little things like that that can make a difference," Freihofer said.


To book your appointment now and to ask about the holiday gift certificate, call or text 310.383.6200.


For more information and pricing, click here.





Series Pilot - SAG-AFTRA



Web Series

SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement (paperwork pending)

Producer/Director: Kyle Bergersen 

Director of Photography: Sunrise Tippeconnie 

Casting Director:   Chris Freihofer, CSA

Casting Assistant: Tiffany Feese


Audition Date(s):   Beginning 1/22

Callback Date(s):   None

Shoot/Start Date:   Weekends in February, BEGINNING 2/7

Location:   Norman, OK


Pay Rate:   $100/day (All local hire)







This is the story of Ike, a recent transplant from Hollywood to Middle America, hired to teach filmmaking at a state University. Will the culture shock of college-town life be too much of a change  for him, his son and his helicopter-mom wife? (This is dark and edgy with strong language and adult themes. No nudity.) 






IKE - Male, late 30s t0 40s.  Any ethnicity. He always has to poke a sleeping bear. Perhaps he needs to apologize to Will Ferrell for his insult so he can try to get his L.A. career back. (LEAD) 



EVERLY - Female, late 30s to 40s. Any ethnicity.  Helicopter mom armed with hellfire missiles. This former model who used to date a famous grunge rocker from the 90s, is now stuck in the middle of the country, home-schooling her son. (LEAD) 



ARLO - Male, 11-13. Any ethnicity. He is their only child,  who relates to adults better than his peers. His struggles with home school pale in comparison to the daily battle he fights with the zipper of his skinny jeans (though Mom and Dad misunderstand that battle to be something else). (LEAD) 



DICK - Male, late 50s-60s. Ike's neighbor. He is a retired university professor, but active conspiracy theorist, who lives and breathes Libertarian values. Are his offensive jokes a voice of reason or is he putting is on? (SUPPORTING) 



BRAD - Male, 40s.  Any ethnicity. He is the chair of the university Radio/TV/Film department. Extremely ADD, he's a cat in a room full of butterflies. He also might have been in his position a little too long. (1 SCENE) 



SECRETARY - Female, 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. The school secretary who looks like a giant teddy bear in drag. (1 SCENE)



PRESIDENT ENGLER - Female, 40s-50s. Any ethnicity. The university president. Don't waste her time. She doesn't suffer fools. (1 SCENE) 



SUPERMODEL - Female, late teens - 20s. Any ethnicity. Tall, thin. The classic magazine model. She comes to life from an ad in a magazine and dresses down Everly for giving up. (1 SCENE) 



EDELWEISS GIRL - Female, 20s. Caucasian. A busty girl of German-descent, blonde pigtails, leaning towards wholesome porn star. She comes to life on a billboard for the local dairy and chastises Ike for his impure thoughts. (1 SCENE) 



WHITE GIRL - Female, late teens to early 20s. Caucasian. She is a dead-eyed automaton who repeats everything she's told as the truth. Sadly, she was born without the irony gene. (1 SCENE) 



JASPER - Male, late teens to early 20s. Any ethnicity. He is a college boy who can't think past his next orgasm. A thinking man's stoner. (1 SCENE) 



MACCAW- Male. Voice-over only. Superhero with FM DJ bravado and honey in his voice. (1 SCENE) 






Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.  



-Email a recent headshot and acting resume plus all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, and City/State of Residence.

-Make the subject heading of your email RED STATE BLUES - (name of Role you are submitting for). No other subject headings will be seen. Example:  RED STATE BLUES - Everly


-Send the email to submissions@freihofercasting.com  (If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission will not be seen) 

-If you are selected to audition for the project you will be notified by email.  

-Submissions must be received ASAP





Factory Experiencing Internal Email Issues

The Actor Factory is currently experiencing problems with emails sent internally through its enrollment system, it was announced Tuesday. 


Morning Memos and casting bulletins are sent to readers via a separate email service and have not been affected.


The problems occur when emails are sent to students enrolled in specific classes and workshops. These emails are sent through the enrollment system which has shown some failures recently.


"It's been very frustrating," said Factory director and founder Chris Freihofer. "The system shows the emails as being sent but then recipients do not receive them.  What's even more frustrating is that many of them are going through without a problem, but some do not. And we have no way of knowing which."


Freihofer said he has been working with the email support department of Active Network since Monday. He said he was promised Tuesday night that problems should be rectified sometime Friday.


Freihofer reminds all Factory students to not only check email before leaving for a class, but also text messages.


"We also update our status on Facebook and Twitter," he said.



Young Performer Audition for Camera Begins Monday


Young Performer Audition for Camera, taught by lead assistant at Freihofer Casting Tiffany Feese, begins this Monday at The Actor Factory.


Feese has assisted in the casting of several feature films during her tenure at Freihofer Casting, including the Sundance Film Festival favorite RUDDERLESS, directed by William H Macy, LIGHT FROM THE DARKROOM, AMERICA, THE VEIL, YOU CAN'T WIN, MONDAY AT 11:01 AM, THE HEART STAYS, ELEMENT, SOUTHERN TALE, TE ATA and HIGHER MISSION. She has also assisted in the casting of hundreds of commercials, including national spots for Nike, Gatorade, Foot Locker, AT&T, Sprint, Oklahoma Tourism and many more.


She also has taught Actor Factory Film Camp for two years, which included 5 separate week-long camps.


Feese, teaching Film Camp 2014 last summer

"Tiffany has auditioned thousands of actors in her two years in the casting office," said Casting Director Chris Freihofer, Oklahoma's only member of the Casting Society of America. "She does a great job directing actors and has keen insight in the audition room. She is a huge asset to my office."


Feese will run young actors through mock audition scenarios for feature films, network television and commercials using scripts from actual current projects. Material will be assigned in advance and will be filmed and coached each week, with each child's work on camera loaded onto a secure website. Parents love this feature, allowing them to track their child's progress from home each week.


The final class ends in a mock audition scenario with all parents present, and invited industry guests, including local talent agents, as well as Freihofer (pending availability).


The class is divided into two age groups and will meet on Monday nights for 7 weeks, beginning January 19.  Ages 8-11 will meet from 6:00-7:15 pm, with ages 12-15 meeting from 7:30-9:00 pm.



Cost for the class is $175.  To enroll, click here.  For more info, click HERE or call The Factory at 405.701.1673.





Celebrating On-Camera Achievements of Current and Former Actor Factory Students & Staff





Actor Factory instructor Jeff Nokes is now the voice of Home Creations, one of Oklahoma's largest home builders. You will hear his voice on TV and radio spots beginning very soon. Jeff teaches Voice Over Technique at The Actor Factory.  He is repped by Switzer Talent.











Former Actor Factory student Anthony Hill recently  just wanted to reach out and let you know he

recently guest-starred on NCIS on CBS in November and was on HBOs season 2 premiere of LOOKING in a large co-star role January 11th. Anthony took several workshops at The Factory when he was a student at Oklahoma State University, prior to his move to Los Angeles in 2012. He is repped by  Metropolitan Talent Agency, and managed by Ad Astra Management.









Actor Factory young performer Jesamine Katzman was cast in a principal role in the film BASTARD: THE FILM. The film will screen this summer at the American Black Film Festival in New York City. Jesamine will film her role in February. Jesamine has taken several Young Performer classes and workshops at The Actor Factory, and was a member of our Film Camp 2014.  She is repped in Tulsa by Linda Layman Agency and in OKC by Magna Talent.



Do you have a booking or an achievement worthy of Applause?  Send it to the Memo at Chris@ActorFactory.net with the subject heading APPLAUSE.  Be sure to include the job, your agent (if you have one) your headshot, and the Actor Factory classes you have taken along the way. (Sorry, but Applause is only for current or former Actor Factory students)



Get The Whole Factory Experience

If you only rely on The Morning Memo for your Actor Factory news, you're only getting a small part of the story. We have exclusive content only found on Facebook and Twitter.


We post industry news from Hollywood to Oklahoma, we live tweet and upload photos from inside the studio during workshops, classes and special events, and we even send encouraging words about your acting career.


Stay interactive with The Factory by following @actorfactory on Twitter and liking is Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheActorFactory






Below is the enrollment status for classes and workshops beginning soon at The Actor Factory in Norman, OK. For questions, or to enroll by phone, call 405.701.1673.  To enroll online by credit card, click the icon below.  For more information on these classes, click the title of the class or workshop.





 ACTING FOR CAMERA with Darryl Cox 8-week class  Tuesdays, 7:00-9:30pm beginning Jan. 20.  12 Seats total.  - $350  - 3 Seats Left


ACTING TECHNIQUE with Alissa Mortimer   8-week class  Sundays, 6:00-8:00 pm beginning Jan. 25   14 Seats Total - $250 - 4 Seats Left


AUDITION FOR FILM & TELEVISION with Chris Freihofer, CSA  6-week class  

     Mondays, 6:30-10 pm beginning Jan. 19.  10 Seats total.  - $375  - SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST.


     Fridays, 10:30am-1:00pm  beginning Jan. 12.  10 Seats total.  - $375  -  SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST.


IMPROV TECHNIQUE with Rebecca McCauley  8-week class  Sundays, 4:00-6:00 pm beginning January 18. 16-Seat Limit.  $275 - 3 Seats Left


 VOICE OVER TECHNIQUE with Jeff Nokes   8-week class  Thursdays, 6:30-9 pm beginning Jan. 21  14 Seats total.  - $295  - 8 Seats Left





AUDITION FOR CAMERA with Tiffany Feese 7-week class  Mondays, starting Jan. 19.  10-Student Limit. $175

     Ages 8-11 - 6:00-7:15 pm - 4 Seats Left

     Ages 12-15 7:30-9:00 pm - 2 Seats Left


ACTING & CHARACTER STUDY with Happy Frejo 6-week class  Wednesdays, starting Jan. 21.  10-Student Limit. $125

     Ages 8-11 - 6:00-7:15 pm - 6 Seats Left

     Ages 12-15 7:30-9:00 pm - 5 Seats Left


TEEN IMPROV with Zach Delaune & Hanna Slaymaker  6-week class  Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm beginning Jan 20.  14 Seats total.  - $150  - 8 Seats Left


 TINY PERFORMER INTRO TO CAMERA with Kasey Weir  6-week class  Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00 pm beginning Jan. 13.  10 Seats total.  - $100  - 5 Seats Left






ONLY SMALL ACTORS with L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. talent agent Robert Haas   Fri Jan. 16  Ages 5-15.   6:00-9:30 pm  $95 - 18 Seats Total - SOLD OUT. ON WAITING LIST


SHOW & BUSINESS with L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. talent agent Robert Haas 

 Sat-Sun.  Jan. 17-18  9:00am-5:00 pm  Ages 16+.  $395 - 22 Seats Total - 4 Seats Left




Class enrollment is instant and credit cards are charged once enrollment is confirmed, provided there is space in the class.  Credit cards are not charged for slots on the wait list.  


Refunds, minus a cancellation fee of $35 are available if the start of the class is beyond 7 days.  If cancellation is requested within 7 days, The Actor Factory will make every effort to fill the slot from a wait list, if there is one.  If no replacement can be found, no refunds will be given.


Some workshops, classes and camps may have different cancellation policies.  Please check the event listing on the website for specific policies.


The ending dates of the classes are approximate.  Since Actor Factory instructors are working professionals, classes may be postponed when a professional conflict arrises.  In that event, a week will be added to the end of the session.  In the event of severe or extreme weather, The Actor Factory will make a determination if class can safely be held.  If conditions require postponement, a week will be added to the end of the session.



*Enrolling in Advanced Camera Technique requires previous enrollment in Darryl Cox's Acting for Camera either at The Actor Factory or at one of his university classes.  Other Acting for Camera classes do not qualify.  Enrollment in this class is subject to verification.  If enrollment is proved ineligible, the student will be canceled and will forfeit a $35 cancellation fee.

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