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Midweek Memo | January 7, 2015

January 7, 2015

Happy New Year
Get Ready for the January Jump-Start


Did you notice?  We didn't add to the flood of your email inbox on January 1.  Or January 2.  And we stayed pretty quiet on Monday, when all New Year's resolutions were beginning to be put into place. Gyms were packed, that's for sure. It was the first real start of the New Year. But yet we were quiet.


But now, here we are, the first Morning Memo of 2015. News, Applause, a Casting Call, and our January Jump Start. Just in time for your resolutions.


Are you resolved to get refocused on your acting career?  Sharpen your on-camera technique? Explore the possibilities of Voice Over? Learn what this Meisner thing is all about?  How about take something out of your comfort zone to strengthen your confidence? Improv might be right up your alley.


Are you a parent of a budding film or TV star?  The Factory offers great Young Performer training as well, for actors aged 5-15. From acting tips from a working professional, to Audition training with Oklahoma's top casting assistant, The Factory covers the bases.  We even have on-camera classes for your tiny performer, age 5-7.  Does your teenager want to have a highly energetic class to look forward to all week, with absolutely no homework?  How about Teen Improv?


See what we have to offer and how we can help you realize your New Year's Resolutions.  With over a dozen films slated to film in Oklahoma within the next six months, this could be the year you break out! We look forward to listing you in our Applause section!



L.A. Dynamic Duo  Returns Next Week

L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. Talent Agent Robert Haas

The dynamic duo of L.A. casting director Ricki Maslar and L.A. talent agent Robert Haas return to The Actor Factory to present their amazing weekend workshop for adults, Show & Business. It will be their 6th trip to The Factory in as many years, and some seats still remain for beginners or advanced actors aged 16+.


The workshop is held 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday, January 16-17.


Maslar has nearly 100 feature films in her casting credits, with several in pre-production. Some of her credits include PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, TWISTER, DAHMER (discovering Jeremy Renner) and many, many more.  This past year she produced the television pilot SWALLOW YOUR BLISS and cast the recent Made-in-Oklahoma film MONDAY AT 11:01 AM.  She currently has many films listed in pre-production.  View her credits HERE.



Haas is a reputed talent agent at Innovative Artists, one of L.A.'s top-tier talent agencies, where he reps some of the hottest stars of both television and the big screen.  He personally represents Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award winners and nominees.



"Not only are they both hard-working professionals at their top of their game," said Chris Freihofer, Director and Founder of The Actor Factory, "But they both have a warm, nurturing spirit. They are truly gifted at teaching actors and helping them to grow. Add to that their invaluable real-world experience, and the ping-ponging perspective from a working casting director and working top-tier agent in the same room. It is a weekend you won't soon forget." 




Actors will work on prepared scenes and exercises as Maslar and Haas gently push them to get to the standards they need to see in Los Angeles. Class is limited to 22 participants. 



The workshop consists of four 3-hour sessions:



Session 1 - The Business

This session covers the nuts and bolts of the industry.  The relationship of an actor to his/her agent, manager, casting director, director, film crew, and anyone else that they might professionally encounter is addressed, as is the audition process and harsh realities of the business.  Protocol on a set and actors' tools (pictures, resumes, demo tapes, etc.) are also an important aspect of the session.  Time is taken for question and answer periods in which the leaders help solve some of the problems that are presented to the actors.



Session 2 - Getting to Know You

The most important thing about any actor's classroom is comfort level.  The classroom is where an actor must feel free to try new things, take risks, and find out what works and what doesn't.  This is achieved through a group discussion of individual introductions and feelings about the film industry, trust exercises, acting games, and improvisation.  This is where the concept of "ensemble acting" is introduced.  Many exercises learned and enjoyed by the actors will be repeated as warm-ups or "stress relief" throughout the rest of the time together.



Session 3 - Scene Study

After certain film technique and language is covered, the workshop leaders are given the opportunity to work with everyone in the group individually.  Scenes that actors have had to work on overnight will be worked through, focusing on specific problem areas.  It is in this section that the "hands on" work truly begins.



Session 4 - The Audition

Actors will have actual audition scenes from various films that are specifically chosen for them.  All actors will work in pairs and individually.  A "Mock Audition" will occur when actors are asked to do a scene in a typical audition setting.  They will learn the challenges of an audition room, working with difficult material, and working with difficult casting directors.



The workshop is positive and upbeat, empowering actors with supportive, constructive critique.


Cost for this workshop is $395.  Only 22 total seats are in this workshop.


To enroll now, click the here.  For questions, call The Actor Factory at 405.701.1673.





Orange Leaf Web Spots 


Internet Projects

Unlimited Web Only


Producer:  Les Wells 

Production Manager: Cynthia McIntyre 

Casting Director:   Chris Freihofer, CSA

Casting Assistant:  Tiffany Feese

Interview Date(s):   None - Selections from photos only

Shoot/Start Date:   Monday, 1/12

Location:   Norman, OK

Pay Rate:   $200 flat rate







Special Notes

We are looking for Average All Americans who love Orange Leaf. Real People.  All Races OK. The shoot will be people having fun and enjoying the Orange Leaf Experience. They are for the most part extras interacting with the store, the product and the employees. 









TEENS & TWEENS - Male and Female, 11-16, all ethnicities. 



ADULTS - Male and Female, 18-34, all ethnicities.  



FAMILY UNITS - Parents and Children, aged 8-11.  All ethnicities. Please submit actual families only for this role.  No kids without camera-ready, available parents. 





Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.  



-Email recent photos and all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, AGE OF KIDS and City/State of Residence.

-Make the subject heading of your email ORANGE LEAF. No other subject headings will be seen. 

-Please submit for any and all roles you are available and eligible for.

--Family Units:  Please send family photos, but only include those that are available for the shoot.


-Send the email to submissions@freihofercasting.com  (If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission will not be seen) 

-If you are selected to audition for the project you will be notified by email.  

-Submissions must be received ASAP




Appointments Remain Friday for L.A. Headshot Photography 


Los Angeles headshot photographer Jeffrey Nicholson will be at The Actor Factory for three days beginning Friday, and he announced a few last-minute openings for Friday, January 9. 


Saturday and Sunday are currently sold out.


He will be shooting headshots of actors, musicians, speakers, comedians, models and more.

Nicholson cuts his L.A. rate in half, and all sessions include hair and makeup with a professional stylist, and a free DVD of all images, delivered within minutes upon completion of your session.



Not getting the auditions?  Your headshot may be working against you.  Make sure you present a headshot that is current, accurate and professional.  If you have been waiting to get the headshot you need from a trusted professional, this is your chance. He has shot some of the biggest stars in Los Angeles, with pictures even helping to launch the careers of many film and television stars.



"A headshot is your single-most important marketing tool," said Casting Director Chris Freihofer.  "It not only tells Casting Directors what you look like, but also tells us how seriously you take yourself and your acting career.  Sure, you can get a friend with a nice camera to take your picture, but it will work against you. A low-budget headshot looks just like what it is. A professional  headshot  photographer not only knows how to capture a good image, but how to capture personality as well.  Go to the next level and let a professional create the image you want to convey."



Freihofer also stressed an experienced headshot photographer brings casting experience to the session.  "A professional doesn't just take a great image of you. They help design your shot for the roles you would play, and help you create your marketing materials.  Jeffrey knows what's casting, knows what actors are successfully using as materials, and knows how to create materials that will help get you seen by casting directors."



"My suggestion is to always make sure Hollywood producers are seeing the type of headshots they are accustomed to seeing every day in L.A.  That way they feel more comfortable selecting a local actor for the role.  Believe it or not, it is little things like that that can make a difference," Freihofer said.


To book your appointment now and to ask about the holiday gift certificate, call or text 310.383.6200.


For more information and pricing, click   HERE.



BONES & BIG BANG  Actress Laura Spencer Delivers Fantastic Forum

Former Actor Factory student and instructor Laura Spencer returned to the studio December 28 to deliver a 2-hour Factory Forum to a sold-out room of over 60 people in Studio 2. Spencer currently does double-duty on network television this season, playing Jessica Warren on the long-running Fox series BONES, as well as Emily on the smash CBS sitcom THE BIG BANG THEORY.


The evening was moderated by Actor Factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer, who cast Spencer in her first film role (BARKING WATER) and hired her to teach Young Performers when the studio opened in 2009.


After outlining her start in Oklahoma, her first auditions and credits, her move to Los Angeles five years ago and her successes as well as challenges that led to her current success, she then took questions from the eager audience.


Participants were treated to a warm, very funny, approachable and very candid talk about making your way through the industry.  From getting representation, dealing with the stresses of auditions and callbacks, and learning ways to stay true to who you are, Spencer offered sage advice and insight sprinkled with plenty of laughs along the way.



Audience member Brett Calhoun said "Her personality is fantastic and I bet that plays into her auditions. It's not often that 2 hours goes by like 20 minutes."


With very little ego and a great deal of appreciation, Spencer gave credit to those that have helped her career along the way. She named Factory instructor Darryl Cox, her first on-camera teacher, Freihofer, for casting her in her first few on-camera projects and later serving as a mentors, and also to L.A. casting director Ricki Maslar, for helping her out in Los Angeles and shepherding her early days, even helping her find representation (Maslar will be at The Actor Factory January 16-18).


"All of these people have helped me along the way. Plus, my parents are incredibly supportive. My brother. All my friends. I'm really lucky to have "Team Laura," she said.


Spencer stressed the importance of ongoing acting training, ("I'm always learning. There is so much I don't know yet and I have to stay sharp, so of course I am always in some kind of class"), remembering to drop in and stay in the moment before an audition ("I've left the room and didn't know the color of shirt the casting director was wearing. That means I wasn't present in the room and in the scene. So I always remember to take a breath before I start and see and accept where I am and who I am with"), and to embrace the things that scare her (I'm terrified of improv. So of course I have signed up for improv training. I'm not going to let things scare me.  I can't.").


In feedback, audience members were particularly delighted to hear Spencer's approach to auditions, and even that at this level she still gets the jitters, and the challenges she has faced making decisions that were not particularly always popular.


"I've had to come to terms with who I am and what I want to play, but I have been very lucky to have representation that supports my decisions. And sometimes it's hard to say "no, I don't want to go in for that," especially when there's a time you're not working, but you just have to remember why you're doing it.  And life comes first."


"Laura has such an accessible personality," said Robin Acker,  "And she reinforces that being a class act is the way to go. She's a very worthy role model."


Victoria Griffin said "I thought Laura was an amazingly funny and down to earth person. I took quite a few things from her talk. The things that really stuck with me were the necessity for perseverance, self-made rules, a positive outlook, to never stop auditioning,  and an open mind. You may have a plan but things don't always go your way, it's your perspective that determines how things turn out."


"I really liked hearing what she had to say," said Elizabeth Clevenger. "What made it easy for her to go to LA, how she makes and keeps important connections with people, how to better yourself as an actor, that you learn something from every audition and every project, and to be confident and stick with who you are and not to conform to others ideas, be yourself."



Factory regular Robin Acker continued, "I  enjoyed the evening very much, and made a point of thanking Laura and shaking her hand. It's invaluable for 'local woman makes good' to visit just to make the goals seem more attainable for students-if it didn't succeed on any other basis it would be valuable for that reason alone."



Spencer's Forum ran 20 minutes past the schedule time, and she stayed an additional 45 minutes afterwards to shake hands, take pictures and chat with anyone who wanted a personal moment.


"Laura is a class act, all the way," Freihofer said. "I knew Laura was special the first time I auditioned her, and she continues to prove it over and over again. She hit that Forum out of the park, and I hope to have her back to The Factory sometime soon, once her schedule allows."


This week, Spencer is back on set in Los Angeles for two projects, and her next installment of THE BIG BANG THEORY is scheduled to air january 15 on CBS.


The next Factory Forum is this Friday night, January 9. Chicago Casting Director Sarah Clark kicks off the Factory's January Jump Start with "The 5-Second Audition" from 7-9 pm.  Cost is $25.  Seats remain.  Click HERE to enroll.



Most Young Performer Classes Begin Next Week - Audition Classes Delayed to January 19



Most Young Performer classes begin next week at The Actor Factory, with the exception of one. Young Performer Audition for Camera, for ages 8-15, is delayed one week, due to an instructor conflict. It will begin Monday, January 19.


There is still space available in all young performer classes.


Young performer training at The Actor Factory has helped develop hundreds of budding actors over the years, including Nickelodeon stars Owen Joyner (100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL)  and Noah Crawford (HOW TO ROCK, TRUE JACKSON, VP, MY NAME IS EARL) and network star Samantha Isler (NBC's SEAN SAVES THE WORLD).  Other young performer students have gone on to appear on such series as BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, DALLAS, LAW & ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT and dozens and dozens of feature films.


Beginning next week is Tiny Performer Intro to Camera, a class designed for pre and early-readers aged 5-7, to get comfortable with auditioning, acting and interviewing on camera. Most kids at this age are not asked to perform much dialogue in film, television or commercials, but they are asked to interview to show their personality, and once hired they are almost always required to know how to hit marks, follow direction and perform short improvisation.  This class introduces these youngsters to those requirements and gets them comfortable for real-world situations. This class meets on Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00 pm.


Also beginning next week is Teen Improv, the newest Actor Factory young performer class.  This is very unlike the adult improv class.  This is all about stimulating creativity, building confidence in social settings, and freeing up the body and mind to explore the spontaneous performance without the safety net of a script. This is a very energetic, fast-moving, highly-participatory class and will be something your 12-16-year-old looks forward to all week.


And then there is Young Performer Acting & Character Study, taught by veteran actor and teacher Happy Frejo. This class uses scenes and monologues to guide young actors to make bigger, stronger choices in their performances.  It teaches them the questions to ask themselves and others while preparing for an audition or a performance. With continued study, the class builds and develops a solid actor. The final class ends with an evaluation for parents.


Freihofer Casting assistant Tiffany Feese will be on assignment Monday, so she must delay the start of the Factory's flagship Young Performer class Audition for Camera. This class, which uses scenes from film and television scripts, works young actors through mock audition scenarios. Each week is filmed and uploaded to a secure website so parents can track the progress of their child's work.




Celebrating On-Camera Achievements of Current and Former Actor Factory Students & Staff



Actor Factory student Kacey Spivey will appear this Friday night as "Nittany" in the two-hour season premiere of the hit Fox series GLEE. Kacey filmed the co-star role some weeks ago, after relocating to Los Angeles over the summer.  She took Audition for Film & Television, Acting For Camera and Improv Technique at The Actor Factory.  GLEE airs this Friday at 8/7c. Way to go, Kacey!!!   Kacey is repped in L.A. by Daily Talent. 











In the December 22 Morning Memo, we gave a shout-out to Former Actor Factory regular Heath McGough for booking a recurring co-star on the TV series THE LAST SHIP for TNT. He's back at it again, booking a co-star role on the CBS series CRIMINAL MINDS. He'll bbe at the table read today and will film next week.  Heath recently moved to Los Angeles after training for over two years at The Factory, taking nearly everything anytime the doors were open.  He wrote to us at The Factory:  "So I need to tell you thanks for all those kicks in the butt. One of the last times (Chris) got in my face and said 'Why is it everybody believes in you but you?'  That has played in my head 1,000 times since then."  Heath is repped in L.A. by ATB and managed by Matthew Barry. He is repped in Oklahoma by Switzer Talent.  







Actor Factory regular Brooks Ryan just booked his first principal role in a feature film! He got word yesterday he will play the role of Brian in the drama BROTHERLY LOVE. He will film in Austin in February and March. "I Want to personally say thank you for all you've done & helped make possible for me," he said to us. Brooks has taken nearly every class offered at The Actor Factory, and many workshops offered over the past few years. He is repped in OK by Switzer Talent and in Austin by Heyman Talent.



Do you have a booking or an achievement worthy of Applause?  Send it to the Memo at Chris@ActorFactory.net with the subject heading APPLAUSE.  Be sure to include the job, your agent (if you have one) your headshot, and the Actor Factory classes you have taken along the way. (Sorry, but Applause is only for current or former Actor Factory students)



Asian Teen Boy Needed Friday for KD MVP Challenge Video

An Asian male, aged 12-15, is needed this Friday, January 9, to appear in an internet PSA for the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust.  The internet videos are for the Shape Your Future, KD MVP Challenge. Filming will be for about an hour and a half in Oklahoma City.  Timing is flexible.


Pay is $100 +15% agency fee. 


The KD MVP Challenge encourages Oklahoma kids to get healthy and stay active. TSET has partnered with NBA MVP Kevin Durant, who also appears in the videos.





Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.  



-Email recent photos and all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, age and City/State of Residence.

-Make the subject heading of your email TSET BOY. No other subject headings will be seen. 


-Send the email to  submissions@freihofercasting.com  (If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission will not be seen) 

-If you are selected for the project you will be notified by email.  

-Submissions must be received ASAP



Meisner Technique Begins Next Week
So What Exactly Is It? 


Kato Buss teaches Meisner Technique in Studio 2 at The Factory.


The Actor Factory's latest session of Meisner Technique begins next Thursday, January 15. It is the only class in the technique offered to adults in the state of Oklahoma.

So what it is?



The approach to acting was developed by legendary instructor Sanford Meisner, who wanted actors to focus externally, rather than internally. The attention is placed not on what an actor says, but what they listen to and how they respond.



The focus is for the actor to "get out of his head," such that he or she is behaving instinctively. To this end, some exercises for the Meisner technique are rooted in repetition so that the words are deemed insignificant compared to the reactions. In the Meisner technique, there is a greater focus on the other actor as opposed to one's internal thoughts or feelings associated to the prescribed character.



Meisner developed this technique after working with Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler at the Group Theatre and while working as head of the acting program at New York City's Neighborhood Playhouse. He continued its refinement for fifty years.



Kato Buss is a professor of acting at the University of Central Oklahoma and holds a Ph.D. in the approach. He is by far the most qualified person to teach the technique in Oklahoma, so Actor Factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer reached out to him to teach it at the studio.



Some of the hundreds of noted Meisner Technique actors include Alec Baldwin, Christoph Waltz, Connie Britton, James Franco, Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck, James Gandolfini, Jeff Bridges, Krysten Ritter, Naomi Watts, Robert Duvall, Sandra Bullock, Stephen Colbert, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey.



"I see if time and again in the audition room," Freihofer said.  "Actors are more focused on what they are saying and how they're going to say it, that they aren't even listening to what the other actor in the scene is saying or doing to them. Actors need to be present and I wanted a Factory class that helps develop actors that are listening to one another, rather than just saying lines well."



There is very little homework in a Mesiner class.  Most of the two-person exercises involve simple repeated lines and phrases, rather than scenes or monologues to prepare. The class is upbeat, active and engaging.


Meisner Technique is an 8-week class in Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 pm beginning January 15. Cost is only $275.  To enroll now, click here.  For questions, call The Factory at 405.701.1673.






Film Starring Factory Instructor Happy Frejo Premieres Sunday


Happy Frejo

The feature film VIOLET starring Actor Factory instructor Happy Frejo, will  have its World Premiere this Sunday night, January 11 at the Harkins Theater in Oklahoma City's Bricktown. 


The screening is at 7:30 pm. Door open at 7:00 pm.



The psychological thriller is written and directed by Mark D. Williams. It stars Delno Ebie, Frejo, Jeff S Anderson and Kelly Sumpter.



Tickets are $10.  The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director and cast members.


VIOLET is the story of Michael and Kerry Harold, who move into their new home and inadvertently unpack a box of old items from Michael's childhood.  

The mysterious artifacts could be linked to their new and sudden nightmares, a history with the nearby mental hospital, and a possible link to Michael's father, a former doctor at the hospital.  


Now the question becomes, who is Violet, this eerie presence that haunts their nightmares and reality, and how do they make her stop? But perhaps the most important question of all,  why was Michael's dad trying to cover her up?


Happy Frejo teaches Young Performer Acting & Character Study at The Actor Factory.  Other film roles include RUNNING DEER, THE VEIL, LIMINALITY, SPIRIT: THE SEVENTH FIRE and LAST OF THE MOHICANS.


To view the trailer for the film, click the video above.  For more information about Sunday's screening and to purchase tickets, click HERE.



Below is the enrollment status for classes and workshops beginning soon at The Actor Factory in Norman, OK. For questions, or to enroll by phone, call 405.701.1673.  To enroll online by credit card, click the icon below.  For more information on these classes, click the title of the class or workshop.





 ACTING FOR CAMERA with Darryl Cox 8-week class  Tuesdays, 7:00-9:30pm beginning Jan. 13.  12 Seats total.  - $350  - 5 Seats Left


ACTING TECHNIQUE with Alissa Mortimer   8-week class  Sundays, 6:00-8:00 pm beginning Jan. 25   14 Seats Total - $250 - 7 Seats Left


ADVANCED CAMERA TECHNIQUE with Darryl Cox*  8-week class  Wednesdays, 7:00-9:30 pm beginning Jan 14.  12 Seats total.  - $275  - SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST


AUDITION FOR FILM & TELEVISION with Chris Freihofer, CSA  6-week class  

     Mondays, 6:30-10 pm beginning Jan. 19.  10 Seats total.  - $375  - SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST.


     Fridays, 10:30am-1:00pm  beginning Jan. 12.  10 Seats total.  - $375  -  SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST.


IMPROV TECHNIQUE with Rebecca McCauley  8-week class  Sundays, 4:00-6:00 pm beginning January 18. 16-Seat Limit.  $275 - 6 Seats Left


MEISNER TECHNIQUE with Kato Buss  8-week class  Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm  beginning Jan, 15.  14-Seat Limit  - $275 - 6 Seats Left


 VOICE OVER TECHNIQUE with Jeff Nokes   8-week class  Thursdays, 6:30-9 pm beginning Jan. 15  14 Seats total.  - $295  - 10 Seats Left




AUDITION FOR CAMERA with Tiffany Feese 7-week class  Mondays, starting Jan. 19.  10-Student Limit. $175

     Ages 8-11 - 6:00-7:15 pm - 6 Seats Left

     Ages 12-15 7:30-9:00 pm - 5 Seats Left


ACTING & CHARACTER STUDY with Happy Frejo 6-week class  Thursdays, starting Jan. 15.  10-Student Limit. $125

     Ages 8-11 - 6:00-7:15 pm - 6 Seats Left

     Ages 12-15 7:30-9:00 pm - 6 Seats Left


TEEN IMPROV with Zach Delaune & Hanna Slaymaker  6-week class  Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm beginning Jan 13.  14 Seats total.  - $150  - 10 Seats Left


 TINY PERFORMER INTRO TO CAMERA with Kasey Weir  6-week class  Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00 pm beginning Jan. 13.  10 Seats total.  - $100  - 7 Seats Left



FACTORY FORUM: The 5-Second Audition with Chicago Casting Director Sarah Clark

  Fri Jan, 9  7:00-9:00 pm.  Ages 16+  $25   40 Seats Total -  7 Seats Left


AUDITIONING BEFORE, DURING & AFTER with Chicago casting Director Sarah Clark  

Sat. Jan, 10

     Ages 8-11   8:00a-12:00p   $95  10 Seats Total - SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST.

     Ages 12-15  2:00-6:00pm   $95  10 Seats Total - 3 Seats Left


AUDITIONING BEFORE, DURING & AFTER with Chicago casting director Sarah Clark

 Sun Jan, 11.  Ages 16+  9:00am - 5:00 pm.    $135  12-Seat Limit - SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST.

 Mon. Jan 12  Ages 16+  9:00am - 5:00 pm.     $135  12-Seat Limit - SOLD OUT. ON WAIT LIST.


ONLY SMALL ACTORS with L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. talent agent Robert Haas   

Fri Jan. 16  Ages 5-15.   6:00-9:30 pm  $95 - 18 Seats Total - SOLD OUT. ON WAITING LIST


SHOW & BUSINESS with L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. talent agent Robert Haas  

Sat-Sun.  Jan. 17-18  9:00am-5:00 pm  Ages 16+.  $395 - 22 Seats Total - 8 Seats Left




Class enrollment is instant and credit cards are charged once enrollment is confirmed, provided there is space in the class.  Credit cards are not charged for slots on the wait list.  


Refunds, minus a cancellation fee of $35 are available if the start of the class is beyond 7 days.  If cancellation is requested within 7 days, The Actor Factory will make every effort to fill the slot from a wait list, if there is one.  If no replacement can be found, no refunds will be given.


Some workshops, classes and camps may have different cancellation policies.  Please check the event listing on the website for specific policies.


The ending dates of the classes are approximate.  Since Actor Factory instructors are working professionals, classes may be postponed when a professional conflict arrises.  In that event, a week will be added to the end of the session.  In the event of severe or extreme weather, The Actor Factory will make a determination if class can safely be held.  If conditions require postponement, a week will be added to the end of the session.


*Enrolling in Advanced Camera Technique requires previous enrollment in Darryl Cox's Acting for Camera either at The Actor Factory or at one of his university classes.  Other Acting for Camera classes do not qualify.  Enrollment in this class is subject to verification.  If enrollment is proved ineligible, the student will be canceled and will forfeit a $35 cancellation fee

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