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Midweek Memo | December 22, 2014

December 23, 2014



Laura Spencer Forum Rescheduled for Sunday

BONES & BIG BANG THEORY Actress To Give Q&A  12/28


Due to a sudden but brief illness, last Thursday's factory Forum "An Evening With Laura Spencer" was rescheduled to this Sunday, December 28, from 6:00-8:00 pm. Nine seats have opened up because of the rescheduling.


Spencer fell ill the night before the original date of the Forum and graciously offered to reschedule the event.  She currently appears this season as intern Jessica Warren on the long-running FOX drama  BONES and as Raj's girlfriend Emily on the CBS mega-hit THE BIG BANG THEORY. Her SLEEPY HOLLOW character Caroline also returned this season.  


She will be in Studio 2 at The Actor Factory for a very informative Q&A.


In only five years in Los Angeles, Laura Spencer has changed agents, changed managers, learned the importance of social media and how to best use it, hired a publicist, managed red carpets, press interviews, fan conventions and tried to have a personal life.



Laura Spencer as Emily on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Pictured with Kunal Nyyar and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. She will discuss all of this at the Factory Forum. From being a local Oklahoma City actor fresh out of college to juggling popular roles on two of television's biggest series. In the very informal setting, Spencer will discuss the mistakes she made, the things she has learned, and the advice she will give.


Check out her recent  interview in Backstage


In addition to her her credits listed above, she starred as Jane Bennett in the amazingly popular New Media series THE LIZZIE BENNETT DIARIES with nearly 2 million views on Youtube, plus her work in the WIGS channel series VANESSA & JAN and then in the spinoff series JAN. Her TV work includes appearances on the sitcoms 2 BROKE GIRLS, ANIMAL PRACTICE and MAD LOVE, in addition to recurring roles on the ABC Family series SWITCHED AT BIRTH. All this and not to mention her very popular zombie commercial for Sprint, and her weirdly hysterical Skittles commercial.



"I have been begging Laura to come back and teach a workshop at the studio for months and months," said Factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer. "Laura is amazing. One of the best auditioners I have ever seen, clearly one of the best actors I know, and one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth people out there. She has been driven to always maintain her Middle-of-the-Country ethics when it came to business decisions, even when advised by industry big-wigs to act otherwise She has a wealth of knowledge and insight about the changing Hollywood and people will benefit from sitting in with her.  This is an event I have long looked forward to hosting."


The workshop is limited to only 50 participants.  This will be an informal, small gathering.  Your questions will be answered.


"Truly, these two hours with Laura are going to be fantastic," Freihofer said. "I know our students will benefit greatly from her experiences and insights."


Cost for the Forum is $40.  Payment must be made in advance. This event will not be webcast.


To enroll in this Forum, click here or call The Actor Factory at 405.701.1673. 



Factory Training Makes a Great Gift

And Don't Forget To Give Yourself A Gift This Holiday!


Need a great stocking-stuffer?


Trying to come up with that perfect last-minute gift idea for your aspiring actor (even if that actor is you)?


Classes and workshops at The Actor Factory make a fantastic gift. Acting training is something your loved one will never forget and The Factory has wonderful training opportunities coming up in the next weeks for as little as $25.



Attend one of our Factory Forums with TV actress Laura Spencer or Chicago Casting Director and Emmy-winning commercial producer Sarah Clark. 



We have a fantastic workshop coming up with L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar (MONDAY AT 11:01 AM, TWISTER, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY) and L.A. talent agent Robert Haas (of Innovative Artists). This amazing workshop is great for beginners to advanced ages 16 and up.



Our classes for kids are 7-week sessions taught one night per week for ages 5-15. Acting, Auditioning and more. Is your teenager shy, uncomfortable in groups is in need of a creative outlet, explore Teen Improv on Tuesday nights--the most hilarious class offered at The Factory.



There is also space available in almost all adult classes beginning in January. Learn the art and mindset of Audition For Film & Television with the state's leading casting director Chris Freihofer, Oklahoma's only member of The Casting Society of America, as well as an actor that has appeared on such series as BREAKING BAD, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and LONGMIRE. Or how about Acting for Camera with Darryl Cox, the most experienced on-camera actor in Oklahoma with over 60 SAG-AFTRA feature film or network television appearances?   Learn the art of listening and taking the focus off of you and onto your scene partner in Oklahoma's only class for the Meisner Technique, taught by Kato Buss, who holds a PhD in the approach?  We also offer wonderful classes in Acting Technique, Voice-Over and Improv Technique, teaching actors how to feel more comfortable in on-set or audition room improvisation.


Purchase a class or workshop between now and Christmas Eve and request a pdf gift receipt to stuff in that stocking.





THE BLUE WHALE - Feature Film


CASTING NOTE: This film is produced by the makers of William H. Macy's RUDDERLESS, and directed by the award-winning filmmaker of HOME, JAMES. Breakdown of other roles will be released in the coming weeks. This Casting Call is for the lead role only at this time. No other submissions will be considered.



Feature Film


Producers: Casey Twenter, Jeff Robison, Jeff 

Johnson, Johnathan Rosetti, Colin Moran 

Writer: Neal McLaughlin 

Director: Johnathan Rosetti  

Casting Director:   Chris Freihofer, CSA

Casting Assistant:  Tiffany Feese


Interview Date(s):   TBD (Begins in Jan)

Callback Date(s):   TBD

Shoot/Start Date:   May, 2015

Location:   Oklahoma


Pay Rate:   Modified Low Budget Scale. ($933/week for 3 weeks + 10% agent commission, travel, hotel, per diem)





Fourteen year old Daniel Doolin, an outcast in his own home, passes the long summer days lost in his comic books. His mother Hen, overwhelmed with shame from her youthful transgressions, sits meekly by as her husband Trigger and step-daughter Beazy, relentlessly tease him. When 16 year old Janis stops in their small Oklahoma town, Daniel is immediately smitten by the girl from California. Janis inspires Daniel to seek out the truth of his heritage, shaking the foundations of his family's beliefs. As the summer comes to a close and Janis is about to return home, Daniel must take one final risk for love, learning that matters of the heart are not easily solved. 



Daniel - 14, male, HALF NATIVE AMERICAN. LEAD ROLE. Daniel is shy and awkward, maintaining a ''head down stay out of trouble'' attitude. He's never left his small Oklahoma town and escapes his unhappy home life through his comics. Skinny, dark hair, meek. MUST BE PARTIAL OR FULL NATIVE AMERICAN. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. DO NOT SUBMIT IF THE ACTOR CANNOT SHOW TRIBAL AFFILIATION. 




Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.  


-Email recent photos and any acting experience and all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and City/State of Residence.

-Make the subject heading of your email BLUE WHALE. No other subject headings will be seen. 

-Please submit for any and all roles you are available and eligible for.


-Send the email to submissions@freihofercasting.com  (If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission will not be seen) 

-If you are selected to audition for the project you will be notified by email.  

-Submissions must be received ASAP



L.A. Headshot Photographer Offers Certificates for January

Additional Discounts Offered for Young Performers  


Los Angeles headshot photographer Jeffrey Nicholson has offered gift certificates as stocking stuffers now through Christmas.  


The gift certificates are good for appointments for is next trip to The Actor Factory, January 9-11, 2015.  At press time, there are a few appointments available for each day.


He will be available to shoot headshotsof actors, musicians, speakers, comedians, models and more.



Nicholson cuts his L.A. rate in half, and all sessions include hair and makeup with a professional stylist, and a free DVD of all images, delivered within minutes upon completion of your session.


Not getting the auditions?  Your headshot may be working against you.  Make sure you present a headshot that is current, accurate and professional.  If you have been waiting to get the headshot you need from a trusted professional, this is your chance. He has shot some of the biggest stars in Los Angeles, with pictures even helping to launch the careers of many film and television stars.


"A headshot is your single-most important marketing tool," said Casting Director Chris Freihofer.  "It not only tells Casting Directors what you look like, but also tells us how seriously you take yourself and your acting career.  Sure, you can get a friend with a nice camera to take your picture, but it will work against you. A low-budget headshot looks just like what it is. A professional  headshot  photographer not only knows how to capture a good image, but how to capture personality as well.  Go to the next level and let a professional create the image you want to convey."


Freihofer also stressed an experienced headshot photographer brings casting experience to the session.  "A professional doesn't just take a great image of you. They help design your shot for the roles you would play, and help you create your marketing materials.  Jeffrey knows what's casting, knows what actors are successfully using as materials, and knows how to create materials that will help get you seen by casting directors."


"My suggestion is to always make sure Hollywood producers are seeing the type of headshots they are accustomed to seeing every day in L.A.  That way they feel more comfortable selecting a local actor for the role.  Believe it or not, it is little things like that that can make a difference," Freihofer said.




To book your appointment now and to ask about the holiday gift certificate, call or text 310.383.6200.



For more information and pricing, click HERE.




Tchami Music Video Released

Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor - Promesses (Official Video)

The music video for French DJ Tchami's song "Promesses" was released late last week.  The music video was filmed entirely in Oklahoma in late November.   


The video was cast by The Factory's Chris Freihofer, owner of Freihofer Casting and the Director of The Actor Factory. Casting was assisted by Tiffany Feese. Several Oklahomans are featured in the video


The video was produced by Los Angeles-based Riff Raff Films. Steven Farnsworth, producer of the project, is originally from Oklahoma. It was directed by Ben Reed.


Casting interns were Ashley Crawford, Chantel Johnson, Grace Montie, Victoria Griffin, Jessica Mahon and Chris McIntosh.




Is Your Submission Being Seen?


Last week, we released a very short-notice commercial casting call from Freihofer Casting. Hundreds of people followed the submission guidelines and were quickly considered for the project. Unfortunately, over 100 people were not considered because they failed to follow the specific submission guidelines for the casting.


This happens quite frequently, and sometimes the team at Freihofer Casting  can take the time and correct the mistakes made, or email the applicant and ask for additional info that was not supplied. There just wasn't time on this one. Our office got the job Thursday afternoon and filming was Saturday morning. We could only pass along the people that followed the guidelines. 


Submission guidelines are very important, and are listed for a reason. They change slightly from project to project because of the specific needs of the project. Actors are eager to make sure their submission is sent in on time and they sometimes forget to read the fine print.


Take the time now to resize your photos, so you have something to send on short notice. We offer a tutorial on our website if you don't know how to do that.  File size is very important when we are sending hundreds of photos to our client for approval.  A 6.5 MB photo  is over 30 times larger than we can accept and we just don't have time to change the size.  While you are at it, change the file names of your photos to your name (JohnSmith_Headshot.jpg, as an example)  And make sure you submit to the proper email address. Include your contact information.  Many submissions were deleted because people only sent their photos with no name or phone number attached.  How can we call you on short notice?


If you are taking the time to submit, take a few extra moments to make sure that time is not wasted.


Good luck on future projects!


And have a very safe and happy holiday season!







Chris Freihofer is an actor and casting director. He is Oklahoma's only member of the Casting Society of America, and has been a member of Screen Actors Guild for over 15 years. He is the owner of Freihofer Casting and is also the director and founder of The Actor Factory.












Celebrating On-Camera Achievements of Current and Former Actor Factory Students & Staff




Former Actor Factory regular Heath McGough just earned his SAG-AFTRA eligibility by working as a recurring co-star on the TV series THE LAST SHIP for TNT. Heath recently moved to Los Angeles after training for over two years at The Factory, taking nearly everything anytime the doors were open.  He filmed the first episode of the series in early December and the second one last week. He is also pinned to appear in another major series (but we can't say which until his official booking). He wrote to us at The Factory:  "So I need to tell you thanks for all those kicks in the butt. One of the last times (Chris) got in my face and said 'Why is it everybody believes in you but you?'  That has played in my head 1,000 times since then."  Heath is repped in L.A. by ATB and managed by Matthew Barry. He is repped in Oklahoma by Switzer Talent. (Photo by Jeffrey Nicholson)



Do you have a booking or an achievement worthy of Applause?  Send it to the Memo at Chris@ActorFactory.net with the subject heading APPLAUSE.  Be sure to include the job, your agent (if you have one) your headshot, and the Actor Factory classes you have taken along the way. (Sorry, but Applause is only for current or former Actor Factory students)






Below is the enrollment status for classes and workshops beginning soon at The Actor Factory in Norman, OK. For questions, or to enroll by phone, call 405.701.1673.  To enroll online by credit card, click the icon below.  For more information on these classes, click the title of the class or workshop.





ACTING FOR CAMERA with Darryl Cox 8-week class  Tuesdays, 7:00-9:30pm beginning Jan. 13.  12 Seats total.  - $350  - 6 Seats Left


ACTING TECHNIQUE with Alissa Mortimer   8-week class  Sundays, 6:00-8:00 pm beginning Jan. 25   14 Seats Total - $250 - 8 Seats Left


ADVANCED CAMERA TECHNIQUE with Darryl Cox*  8-week class  Wednesdays, 7:00-9:30 pm beginning Jan 14.  12 Seats total.  - $275  - SOLD OUT. ON WAITING LIST


AUDITION FOR FILM & TELEVISION with Chris Freihofer, CSA  6-week class  

     Mondays, 6:30-10 pm beginning Jan. 12.  10 Seats total.  - $375  - 1 Seat Left


     Fridays, 10:30am-1:00pm  beginning Jan. 12.  10 Seats total.  - $375  -  3 Seats Left


IMPROV TECHNIQUE with Rebecca McCauley  8-week class  Sundays, 4:00-6:00 pm beginning January 18. 16-Seat Limit.  $275 - 9 Seats Left


MEISNER TECHNIQUE with Kato Buss  8-week class  Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm  beginning Jan, 15.  14-Seat Limit  - $275 - 10 Seats Left


VOICE OVER TECHNIQUE with Jeff Nokes   8-week class  Thursdays, 6:30-9 pm beginning Oct. 30  14 Seats total.  - $295  - 12 Seats Left




AUDITION FOR CAMERA with Tiffany Feese 7-week class  Mondays, starting Jan. 12.  10-Student Limit. $175

     Ages 8-11 - 6:00-7:15 pm - 7 Seats Left

     Ages 12-15 7:30-9:00 pm - 6 Seats Left


ACTING & CHARACTER STUDY with Happy Frejo 6-week class  Thursdays, starting Jan. 15.  10-Student Limit. $125

     Ages 8-11 - 6:00-7:15 pm - 7 Seats Left

     Ages 12-15 7:30-9:00 pm - 8 Seats Left


TEEN IMPROV with Zach Delaune & Hanna Slaymaker  6-week class  Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm beginning Jan 13.  14 Seats total.  - $150  - 11 Seats Left


 TINY PERFORMER INTRO TO CAMERA with Kasey Weir  6-week class  Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00 pm beginning Jan. 13.  10 Seats total.  - $100  - 8 Seats Left





  Sun. Dec. 28,   6:00-8:00 pm.  Ages 13+  $40   50 Seats Total -  7 Seats Left


FACTORY FORUM: The 5-Second Audition with Chicago Casting Director Sarah Clark

  Fri Jan, 9  7:00-9:00 pm.  Ages 16+  $25   40 Seats Total -  9 Seats Left


AUDITIONING BEFORE, DURING & AFTER with Chicago casting Director Sarah Clark  Sat. Jan, 10

     Ages 8-11   8:00a-12:00p   $95  10 Seats Total - 1 Seat Left

     Ages 12-15  2:00-6:00pm   $95  10 Seats Total - 4 Seats Left


AUDITIONING BEFORE, DURING & AFTER with Chicago casting director Sarah Clark

 Sun Jan, 11.  Ages 16+  9:00am - 5:00 pm.    $135  12-Seat Limit - 1 Seat Left

 Mon. Jan 12  Ages 16+  9:00am - 5:00 pm.     $135  12-Seat Limit - 2 Seats Left


ONLY SMALL ACTORS with L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. talent agent Robert Haas   Fri Jan. 16  Ages 5-15.   6:00-9:30 pm  $95 - 18 Seats Total - SOLD OUT. ON WAITING LIST


SHOW & BUSINESS with L.A. Casting Director Ricki Maslar & L.A. talent agent Robert Haas   Sat-Sun.  Jan. 17-18  9:00am-5:00 pm  Ages 16+.  $395 - 22 Seats Total - 9 Seats Left




Class enrollment is instant and credit cards are charged once enrollment is confirmed, provided there is space in the class.  Credit cards are not charged for slots on the wait list.  


Refunds, minus a cancellation fee of $35 are available if the start of the class is beyond 7 days.  If cancellation is requested within 7 days, The Actor Factory will make every effort to fill the slot from a wait list, if there is one.  If no replacement can be found, no refunds will be given.


Some workshops, classes and camps may have different cancellation policies.  Please check the event listing on the website for specific policies.


The ending dates of the classes are approximate.  Since Actor Factory instructors are working professionals, classes may be postponed when a professional conflict arrises.  In that event, a week will be added to the end of the session.  In the event of severe or extreme weather, The Actor Factory will make a determination if class can safely be held.  If conditions require postponement, a week will be added to the end of the session.



*Enrolling in Advanced Camera Technique requires previous enrollment in Darryl Cox's Acting for Camera either at The Actor Factory or at one of his university classes.  Other Acting for Camera classes do not qualify.  Enrollment in this class is subject to verification.  If enrollment is proved ineligible, the student will be canceled and will forfeit a $35 cancellation fee.


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