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Monday Morning Memo | December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

New Actor Factory Logo & Website Launched Thursday

The new Actor Factory logo and website fully launched Thanksgiving afternoon and has already gotten rave reviews from users. The website and logo retire the old versions originally created in 2009.


"The old logo served us well, but it's time to move to the next level," said factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer.  "Our careful re-design gives a nod to the classic designs of art deco Hollywood, but has a 2015 feel."


Freihofer indicated the new website had been in the planning and implementing stages for months. 


"I wanted something much more fresh, something clean, informative and easy to navigate. I also wanted a page that actors can easily access resources and information to protect themselves from scams, find representation, and create marketing materials to get their career started," Freihofer said.


There are more features coming, including an Applause page, more instructor videos, and a virtual tour of the studio. Look for updates in the coming weeks and months.


To see the new website, visit www.TheActorFactory.com



The January Session of Classes Announced

Just In Time For Cyber Monday!


The Actor Factory Thursday announced the January session of classes for adults and Young Performers with the launch of the new website, and now you can enroll in our upcoming training just in time for Cyber Monday!  All classes are scheduled to begin the week of January 11.


This session sees 8 classes for adults and 6 classes for young performers held in our two studios over five nights of the week.


Adult Classes (for ages 16+)


For more and detailed information on any of these classes, visit our class page.


AUDITION FOR FILM &TELEVISION will be offered in two sections this January. Taught by Casting Director Chris Freihofer (RUDDERLESS, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, TE ATA), the class puts actors on tape each week in mock auditions, and unlocks the secrets of the audition room. "The worst enemy in the casting room is inside the actor's head," Freihofer says. "This class helps define how we sabotage our own auditions, and give actors the courage, power and confidence to nail every audition from now on."  The class will be offered on Mondays from 6:30-10:00 pm or on Fridays from 10:00 am - 1:30 pm for 6 weeks. 10-seat limit in each class.  Cost is $375.








ACTING FOR CAMERA Veteran film and television actor Darryl Cox is regarded as the finest teacher in the craft of on-camera acting, so it is obvious why this class always sells out quickly.  Learn the mechanics of acting for film and television like hitting marks, adjusting eyeline, finding key light and more--the differences between theatre and on-camera acting, as well as the technique of adjusting performance for the lens, rather than the stage.  Each week students are filmed and evaluated, constantly coached for better on-camera performances.   Tuesdays, 7:00-9:30 pm for 8 weeks. 12-seat. Cost:  $350.





ADVANCED CAMERA TECHNIQUE If you have taken Acting for Camera with Darryl Cox either at The Actor Factory or at one of his university courses and want to continue studying the on-camera pursuit with him, this is the perfect opportunity.  Eight more weeks of concentrated scene study, all filmed and evaluated by the leading teacher of the craft in the state.  With over 60 credits in film and television and over 25 years of teaching experience from Los Angeles, Texas and Oklahoma, Cox can coach you to the next level in your film-acting career.   Wednesdays, 7:00-9:30 pm for 8 weeks.  10-seat limit. Cost:  $275.






VOICE OVER TECHNIQUE Have you been told you have a great voice? Have you always wanted to work as an actor in animation, video games or radio commercials? Has the world of voice-acting appealed to you but you weren't sure where to start? Jeff Nokes, Oklahoma voice artist and owner of Aspen Digital Studio has written, voiced and produced over 300 commercials, promos and jingles.  Some of his former students are doing voice-over acting in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago as well as Oklahoma City and from their own homes.  The class deals with everything from voice prep to studio skills, script analysis to creating a demo and marketing.  Dialects, character and cartoon voices, video game voices as well as straight reads will all be covered in this class.   Wednesdays, 6:30-9:00 pm for 8 weeks.  14-Seat limit.  Cost:  $295.



IMPROV TECHNIQUE You will look forward to Sunday afternoons with Rebecca McCauley. This is not the normal improv comedy class. Instead, this carefully-crafted class teaches the rules of improv in their practical application on sets and in audition rooms.  It empowers actors with improv skills that will give them confidence in any situation. While most improv classes teach comedy, this one is designed for the on-camera actor.  Sundays, 4:00-6:00 pm for 8 weeks. 16-student limit.  $250







MEISNER TECHNIQUE Have you heard of the Sanford Meisner approach to acting but you never had the opportunity to take it?  Now you can, in Oklahoma's only non-university Meisner class. Learn the art of listening while acting. Take the focus off of you and put it onto your scene partner. This class is full of fun and active exercises that teaches the technique employed by Oscar-winners. Taught by Kato Buss, associate professor of acting at the University of Central Oklahoma with a PhD in the Meisner approach. Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm for 8 weeks. 14-student limit.  $275.






ACTING TECHNIQUE Alissa Mortimer returns to The Factory to teach this very popular beginning approach to acting. She is currently a professor of acting at the University of Oklahoma and an award-winning actor and theater director. Mortimer will work with actors with scenes and monologues and learn her approach to character and scene study. This class is great for beginners and anyone wishing to polish up on their craft.  Sundays, 6:30-8:30 pm for 8 weeks.  12-student limit.  $250.










For more information, please visit our class page.



Ages 5-7

Early and pre-readers get a fantastic introduction to working on camera in this starter class with Kasey Weir.  They learn basic interview skills, on-camera techniques, hitting marks and not looking into the camera.  They will use improv as well as basic script work. Kasey is a former assistant at Freihofer Casting, has taught Young Performer Acting & Character Study at The Factory, and currently works in the recruiting office for OU Theater.   Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00 pm for 8 weeks. 10-student limit. Cost:  $100.






Ages 8-15

The Actor Factory's flagship Young Performer class. No one has a better access to the ever-changing audition process for commercials and major feature film than Tiffany Feese, Lead Casting Assistant at Freihofer Casting, Oklahoma's only Casting Society of America-member casting office. Feese has assisted in the casting of such films as RUDDERLESS, AMERICA, LIGHT FROM THE DARKROOM, ELEMENT, and the current film TE ATA, among others, as well as dozens of commercials for clients like Nike, Oklahoma Tourism, OERB and many, many more.  She has run audition sessions at The Actor Factory, as well as in Tulsa and Dallas.This class teaches kids the technique of auditioning for film, television and commercials. Improve your child's audition technique, shake the nerves out, make bolder, stronger, more memorable choices and attack the audition with more confidence.  Each week is mock auditions with actual film & television material, and parents are emailed a video link to their child's time in front of the camera as well as the coaching they receive from Feese.  Mondays, for 8 weeks.  6:00-7:15 pm for ages 8-11.  7:30-9?00 pm for ages 12-15.  10-student limit.  Cost:  $175.



Ages 8-15

Happy Frejo is a gifted actor and teacher.  She has appeared in feature films, national and regional commercials, and theater from Los Angeles to Oklahoma.  Film roles include THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, RUNNING DEER, THE VEIL and many more.  She leads this class for young performers to find better choices in character and scene study.  No cameras, no hitting marks, just concentrated study in approaches to acting, encouraging actors to ask questions of their character and scene to fully commit to the moment and create believable performances.   Thursdays, for 8 weeks.  6:00-7:15 for ages 8-11, 7:30-9:00 for ages 12-15.  10-student limit.  Cost:  $125.





Ages 13-17

Improvisation is not only a vital tool for actors, giving them confidence and power in the audition room and on set, but it also develops skills to be used in all walks of life.  Job interviews, public speaking, social situations, anything you can think.  The ability to think on your feet, roll with the punches, work without a script and most importantly, trust your instincts are life tools to be used forever.  This fun-filled class will be the most laughs your teenager has all week.  A fast-paced, high-energy 7-week class that will have even the shyest performer looking forward to Tuesday nights.  This class is team-taught by Zach Delaune, a member of OU Improv, and Hanna Slaymaker, a veteran of all four levels of ActorFactory Improv. Together, this pair led fantastic improv exercises this summer at our Actor Factory Film Camps and we welcome our newest instructors to the team.  Your teenagers will adore this very fun, funny and creative team.   Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm for 8 weeks.  14-student limit.  Cost:  $150.



To enroll in any of these class online, click here for adults, click here for kids.  To enroll by phone, call The Actor Factory at 405.701.1673.  Seating is limited. 


Class enrollment is instant and credit cards are charged once enrollment is confirmed, provided there is space in the class.  Credit cards are not charged for slots on the wait list.  


Refunds, minus a cancellation fee of $35 are available if the start of the class is beyond 7 days.  If cancellation is requested within 7 days, The Actor Factory will make every effort to fill the slot from a wait list, if there is one.  If no replacement can be found, no refunds will be given.  


Ending dates of the classes are approximate.  Since Actor Factory instructors are working professionals, classes may be postponed when a professional conflict arrises.  In that event, a week will be added to the end of the session.  In the event of severe or extreme weather, The Actor Factory will make a determination if class can safely be held.  If conditions require postponement, a week will be added to the end of the session.



Freihofer Casting's Monologues 4 Meals is This Thursday, December 4

Freihofer Casting's 4th annual Monologues 4 Meals is this Thursday, December 4.  No appointment is necessary.


Ever thought it was hard to be seen by a casting director?  Have you had trouble getting auditions for projects?  Have you honed your skills since your last audition and you want to show your abilities?   Do you want to show your talent agent what you can do or be seen by all the area talent agents plus the state's largest and busiest casting office?


Freihofer Casting, the leading casting office for film and television in Oklahoma, will open its doors December 4 for the 4th annual Monologues 4 Meals.  Essentially an open call, the event allows actors to bring in a  monologue or short scene of their choosing and perform it for a working Casting Director for film & television.  The staff of Freihofer Casting (Casting Director Chris Freihofer, CSA, Casting Assistant Tiffany Feese and other staffers) will view all auditions.   


All scenes and monologues will also be filmed and shown to Oklahoma talent agents.  If you already have a talent agent, they will have the opportunity to see again what you can do.  If you do not have an agent, the Monologues 4 Meals staff will notify you if an agent has expressed interest in contacting you.


The lobby at The Actor Factory is fully decked out for Freihofer Casting's annual event.

Cost for the event is two non-perishable food or sundry items per person. 


Items collected will be given to area food banks and animal shelters.


"We got the idea from our colleagues at Claire Simon Casting in Chicago," said Freihofer. "They distributed an invitation through the Casting Society of America database a few years ago, encouraging other CSA member offices to copy an event that has been popular with them for the past 9 years."


"We dedicate one day a year to meeting any actor on the planet that would like to come in and be seen and do an audition piece," said Simon. "The day always has actors lined up down the hall, a really festive feeling, and the actors are excited to be in and feel good about doing something good for someone else at the same time." 


"Actors don't have to bring in monologues," said Freihofer, Oklahoma's only CSA-member Casting Director. "They can bring in a scene and we will provide the off-camera reader, just like a film audition." (Make sure to bring a copy of the script). Actors are also encouraged to bring in their headshots and resumes, if they have them. Freihofer will fill out an evaluation form and attach it to each headshot/resume for consideration for future projects.


New rules are in place to help prevent long lines this year.


He stressed that this is perfect for actors that haven't yet been seen by the casting office, or for actors that have reached a new level in their training and want to show themselves off.  He also encourages veteran actors to come in to stretch the envelope of how they are normally seen or considered.


"If an actor wants to strut their stuff, go for it. If you aren't being seen for the right roles or the right projects, if you feel you aren't being seen at all, or if you feel your last auditions haven't represented your talents, this is the chance. The doors are open to any actor of any age," Freihofer said.


Freihofer has cast over 30 feature film and television projects and hundreds of commercials since opening the doors in 2004.   Recent casting credits include the feature films RUDDERLESS (Directed by William H Macy),  AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (With Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts), THE VEIL, YOU CAN'T WIN, SOUTHERN TALE, ELEMENT, TO THE WONDER (Directed by Terrence Malick, starring Ben Affleck & Rachel McAdams),  and recent commercials for Foot Locker, AT&T, Verizon, Spring, Nike, Gatorade, Prudential Insurance, Dick's Sporting Goods, Oand more. He is currently prepping the casting of two more feature films and will produce the film HEARTLAND early next year.


"We did an open call years ago when we opened our first office and it was very successful," he said. "We met some very talented actors and saw plenty of new faces that we called in for future auditions.  At last year's event, we gathered over 750 pounds of food for the local food bank.  We hope to double that record this year."


Freihofer Casting's Monologues 4 Meals will be held Thursday, December 4, from 10 am-8 pm  at The Actor Factory in Norman, OK. No appointment is necessary.


Casting Assistant Tiffany Feese helps organize last year's donations after the event.

Actors can either bring in a monologue or two or a scene of no more than 2 minutes in length total.  Scenes or monologues can be from film, television, theater or anything.  But be mindful that this casting office is hired for film & television. This year, the actor will be timed as soon as they begin talking, in order to keep the line moving and to see as many people as possible.  


"People will be cut off after 2 minutes, so prepare wisely," Freihofer said.


"If you've ever spent much time in casting, you can tell what you need to see after about 20 seconds anyway," he said. "Two minutes with two one-minute monologues will be plenty. We have to be strict about timing because last year we had a line that back up.  Some people waited over 90 minutes to be seen.  We're working to prevent that this year."


It is suggested that the audition material is memorized.


Everyone auditioning is required to bring in two non-perishable food or toiletry items that could be helpful to a family in need during the holidays. Please remember that non-perishable includes pasta, pasta sauce, canned goods, cereal, crackers, peanut butter toiletries (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, tampons, anti-perspirant), etc.


Food donations will be given to Food & Shelter For Friends. Cash and check donations will be given to Second Chance Animal Sanctuary.



Items are delivered last year to Food & Shelter for Friends.

Please be mindful of peak times (near lunch, near the end of the day). There may be a short wait, but we will make it festive for all, and anyone in line will be seen!


For address, map and driving directions to The Actor Factory, visit www.TheActorFactory.com. For information by phone, call the Casting Hotline at 405.310.4391 after November 28. (Do not call The Actor Factory phone line or the main office phone number for Freihofer Casting for information about this event).


For current updates about the event, "Like" Freihofer Casting on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/FreihoferCasting) and follow @FreihoferCasting on Twitter.


Follow the hashtag #M4M4.



Chicago Casting Director Sarah Clark To Present Workshops for Kids & Adults


Chicago Casting Director Sarah Clark returns to The Actor Factory January 9-11 to present three workshops for kids and adults. Clark is the owner of Compass Casting in Chicago, and is also an Emmy-nominated commercial producer.



She is also a former Casting Associate at Freihofer Casting, having worked on several feature films and hundreds of commercials. She has auditioned literally thousands of actors in her career and will come to The Factory to offer her insights. She is regarded by Factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer to be one of "the best and most insightful audition coaches out there."


"She has coached me on several auditions, and I trust her opinions completely. It was her coaching that helped me land the recurring role on BREAKING BAD," Freihofer said.



Friday, January 9 

Ages 16+   7:00-9:00 pm

The first 5 seconds make or break many actors in the audition room. This has something Clark has noticed after auditioning thousands of actors not only in Chicago for dozens of commercials, but as a casting associate on Freihofer Casting, working on such films as RUDDERLESS, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY,  Terrence Malick's TO THE WONDER, and several more. Clark will discuss ways to confidentially walk into the room and earn the role before even opening your mouth. From initial greetings to answering informal questions, Clark will give you the do's and don'ts and discuss the common mistakes made in the initial moments of the room.  $25.



Saturday, January 10

Ages 8-12 - 8:00a-12:00p 

Ages 13-15 - 2:00p-6:00p

Young actors will work with Sarah on prepared audition material, walking them through audition technique, character development and what to expect after an audition. Bring your headshot and resume if you have them, and learn Sarah's secrets of the audition room.

Parents, attend the final 30 minutes for a very informative Q&A. 10 student limit each class.  $95




Sunday, January 11

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ages 16+

Adults, work on multiple scripts in mock auditions with Sarah Clark, regarded by Factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer to be one of "the best and most insightful audition coaches out there."

The morning session will dig into marketing for actors and how to reach out to agents and casting directors you'd like to get in front of, as well working on cold reading material and techniques. The afternoon session will be working with Sarah on prepared audition material in a mock audition setting. Get honest feedback and advice on how to move your career and your craft forward. 12-Student Limit   $135



To enroll in any of these workshops, click here, or call The Actor Factory at 405.701.1673.




Freihofer Casting Accepting New Intern Applications


Freihofer Casting, the leading casting office in the state of Oklahoma, accepts submissions for interns to work in the casting office three times per year, corresponding with college semesters:  January- May, May-August and August-December.


Many of our former interns currently work in production for various companies like MTV, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks and more.  Some have gone on to work as assistants for Casting Directors in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. We have hired summer interns from film and acting programs like NYU, Penn State and the University of Iowa, not to mention our local colleges and universities.  Most school-year interns come from local universities or from the community.


The interns will assist in the auditions and casting for actors and extras for commercials, feature films,  web series and more.  The majority of the work will be performed in Norman, OK, but some travel is occasionally needed to locations like Dallas, Tulsa and other areas.


Up to 4 interns will be hired for the duration each session.  Applicants must be college students that will earn college credit for their internship.


Those applying must have their own transportation, good computer skills and excellent telephone and people skills.  They must be friendly, outgoing, self-motivated and well organized.   Our ideal candidates for the Internship Program are current college students, or recent college graduates, though anyone over the age of 18 with their own transportation may apply.  A theatre background or TV/Film background is preferred. A sense of humor is a must!  


Interns must be available to commit large blocks of time a few days per week.  They will be scheduled in shifts, either mornings or evenings  or both. Our internships vary from 2-3 days per week to full time.  Our hours are generally 10 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday with occasional weekends and nights.


Interns get a feel  for the fast pace of the casting world, get to know agents on the phone, learn to schedule and confirm casting schedules, greet actors, do a little crowd control every now and then and get a chance to see what goes on behind the doors during a Television, Film, or Commercial audition itself.


In the past months, Freihofer Casting interns have been in the casting rooms and on set for the Untitled Terrence Malick Project, the feature films AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts), THE JOGGER, RUNNING DEER, THUNDERSTRUCK, to the wonder (Ben Affleck & Rachel McAdams, directed by Terrence Malick) HOME RUN, SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS, YELLOW, JUST CRAZY ENOUGH, COWGIRLS N' ANGELS, THE KILLER INSIDE ME (starring Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson) with director Michael Winterbottom, HEAVEN'S RAIN and the film DOONBY in Austin, TX.  They have also sat in on auditions for dozens and dozens of commercial castings, including national spots for AT&T, Nike, Gatorade, Sprint, Verizon and many more.  


"The best acting class, the best production class, is serving as an intern in a casting office," said Freihofer.  "You learn so much about the audition, casting and business side of the acting industry; it really is a crash course."  


To apply for one of the internships, send a resume and cover letter, including your schedule of availability for the semester for which you are applying to  Chris@FreihoferCasting.com .  Make the SUBJECT LINE of your email CASTING INTERNS - (Internship Session).   (Example:  CASTING INTERNS - MAY-AUGUST, 2013).




Celebrating on-camera achievements of Actor Factory students and staff 



Factory Young Performer Jesamine Katzman booked the lead role in a Capstone film for an OCCC film student. She has taken Actor Factory Film Camp 2014, as well as the Factory's Young Performer Audition for Camera and workshops with Ricki Maslar and Robert Haas, and Cindy Osbrink.  She is repped in Oklahoma City by Magna Talent and in Tulsa by the Linda Layman Agency. 








Factory workshop student Jonnie Parnell just booked a principal role in the recent national commercial for Oklahoma Tourism.  Jonnie has taken The Factory's Audition for Film & TV 1-Day Intensive in Tulsa. She is repped by Heartland Talent Agency.














Factory young performer Leacie Pratt is currently appearing in the new Christmas commercial for Richardson Homes. Leacie is a regular at The Actor Factory, having taken Audition for Camera with Tiffany Feese and Kelly Tenner, and Acting & Character Study with Happy Frejo. She is repped by Switzer Talent.








Do you have a booking or an achievement worthy of Applause?  Send it to the Memo at Chris@ActorFactory.net with the subject heading APPLAUSE.  Be sure to include the job, your agent (if you have one) your headshot, and the Actor Factory classes you have taken along the way. (Sorry, but Applause is only for current or former Actor Factory students)




L.A. Headshot Photographer To Make Return January 9-11

Los Angeles headshot photographer Jeffrey Nicholson will return to The Actor Factory January 9-11.  


He will be available to shoot headshots of actors, musicians, speakers, comedians, models and more.

Nicholson cuts his L.A. rate in half, and all sessions include hair and makeup with a professional stylist, and a free DVD of all images, delivered within minutes upon completion of your session.

Not getting the auditions?  Your headshot may be working against you.  Make sure you present a headshot that is current, accurate and professional.  If you have been waiting to get the headshot you need from a trusted professional, this is your chance. He has shot some of the biggest stars in Los Angeles, with pictures even helping to launch the careers of many film and television stars.


"A headshot is your single-most important marketing tool," said Casting Director Chris Freihofer.  "It not only tells Casting Directors what you look like, but also tells us how seriously you take yourself and your acting career.  Sure, you can get a friend with a nice camera to take your picture, but it will work against you. A low-budget headshot looks just like what it is.  But a professional headshot photographer not only knows how to capture a good image, but how to capture personality as well.  Go to the next level and let a professional create the image you want to convey."


Freihofer also stressed an experienced headshot photographer brings casting experience to the session.  "A professional doesn't just take a great image of you. They help design your shot for the roles you would play, and help you create your marketing materials.  Jeffrey knows what's casting, knows what actors are successfully using as materials, and knows how to create materials that will help get you seen by casting directors."


Nicholson has shot Oklahoma's leading film, television and commercial actors for well over a decade, transforming how headshots have looked in Oklahoma.


He is a professional that shoots actor headshots every day, and is the only photographer working locally that understands and sees the current trends in Los Angeles.


"My suggestion is to always make sure Hollywood producers are seeing the type of headshots they are accustomed to seeing every day in L.A.  That way they feel more comfortable selecting a local actor for the role.  Believe it or not, it is little things like that that can make a difference," Freihofer said.


All appointments with Nicholson come with a hair and makeup artist.  Actors receive a DVD of all images, and Nicholson will prep an image for reproduction at no additional charge.


To book your appointment now, call or text 310.383.6200.


For more information and pricing, click here.



Class Status

Below is the enrollment status for classes and workshops beginning soon at The Actor Factory in Norman, OK. For questions, or to enroll by phone, call 405.701.1673.  To enroll online by credit card, click the icon below.  For more information on these classes, click the title of the class or workshop.





ALL CLASSES JUST ANNOUNCED.  Visit the adult's class page now.




ALL CLASSES JUST ANNOUNCED.  VISIT the kid's class page now. 





Class enrollment is instant and credit cards are charged once enrollment is confirmed, provided there is space in the class.  Credit cards are not charged for slots on the wait list.  


Refunds, minus a cancellation fee of $35 are available if the start of the class is beyond 7 days.  If cancellation is requested within 7 days, The Actor Factory will make every effort to fill the slot from a wait list, if there is one.  If no replacement can be found, no refunds will be given.


Some workshops, classes and camps may have different cancellation policies.  Please check the event listing on the website for specific policies.


The ending dates of the classes are approximate.  Since Actor Factory instructors are working professionals, classes may be postponed when a professional conflict arrises.  In that event, a week will be added to the end of the session.  In the event of severe or extreme weather, The Actor Factory will make a determination if class can safely be held.  If conditions require postponement, a week will be added to the end of the session.



*Enrolling in Advanced Camera Technique requires previous enrollment in Darryl Cox's Acting for Camera either at The Actor Factory or at one of his university classes.  Other Acting for Camera classes do not qualify.  Enrollment in this class is subject to verification.  If enrollment is proved ineligible, the student will be canceled and will forfeit a $35 cancellation fee.



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