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Kate McLain-Snipes & Pallas Johnson

Professional Improv Performers & Instructors

6:15-7:15 pm CST
6 weeks
Ages 10-17
10 Student Limit
Was $175 I Now Just $150

Kids will have a blast in this fast and funny live online class that encourages creativity, creation and teamwork.


According to Actor Factory Director and Founder Chris Freihofer, Improvisation is one of the four pillars of successful on-camera acting. Having skills in improvisation frees up the actor in the audition room and on set. That's why Improvisation has been offered at the studio since it first opened in 2009.


In this new online version of the class, students will use fun and laughter to build the skills and confidence they need to create something compelling from nothing: scenes, characters, emotions & more! Improve your comfort level with comedy & come with a goal in mind: with our small class-size it will be easy to tailor curriculum to you!

Can Improv really be taught virtually?  Of course, say instructors Kate McLain-Snipes and Pallas Johnson, who also teach Improv during the school year at the Actor Factory Young Performer Academy.

"Everything in improv can be taught in a two-person scene, which can easily be done on Zoom," says Johnson, Education Director at OKC Improv.


"The benefit of Zoom is we can do deeper dives into the concepts, and doing two-person scenes will mean students can get more 1-on-1 instruction," says Kate McLain-Snipes, regular performer at OKC Improv and company member of Take One Improv. "Also, I think it’s a great vehicle to teach sharing focus." 


"Doing it on Zoom will just compound the importance of good improv technique & manners. You have to let your partner finish what they are saying before you can talk, you have to listen, you have to speak up, you have to be direct, choose to know, don’t say too much, etc. Zoom will be the third instructor in the room, in a way, and prevent bad habits that are easy to fall into when doing improv in person. 


"When students leave the class they will be able to participate in improv should they want to further their education, or if they’re not interested in improv they will leave with all the improv tools in their tool belt for scripted work, cold reads, auditions, and more"

This class is team-taught by two amazing instructors:

Pallas Johnson is Education Director at OKC Improv. She has been teaching and performing improv professionally since 2011. She has her degree in Theater and Communication Education from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Kate McLain-Snipes is a professional improviser, teacher and filmmaker. She currently works for OKC Improv and enjoys traveling the country with Take One Productions performing improv and teaching workshops to adults and children alike. She is director of Improv at the Actor Factory Young Performer Academy,