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After I take your classes, will you be my agent?

The Actor Factory is a training studio. We are not a talent agent and we do not represent actors. We are also not a casting director. Our director and founder is a casting director in his day job, but we do not actively seek and procure work for actors. We can help you find an agent, but we do not represent actors in any way.



Is The Actor Factory an accredited school? Do I get a diploma if I take all the classes?

The Actor Factory is not a school and does not offer diplomas or certificates of completion. 


No piece of paper will signal to a casting director that you can act. There is not a license required. Rather, The Factory is a studio; a place where actors can continue to flex their muscles in ongoing study, much like in Los Angeles, New York and other cities. 


We encourage actors to learn at their own pace, focusing on the areas of study they feel needs the most attention. 


Acting is a process. In the beginning, each individual makes the decision, follows their dream, to act. There is a start date but no end date for acting. The acting muscle, like any muscle, needs to be flexed, toned, and crafted so the muscle grows - which is why many classes at The Factory are ongoing.  



Calling it “The Factory” makes it sound like an assembly line!

That’s probably because it is one. And what’s wrong with that? 


The Actor Factory borrows an idea from Henry Ford, who developed the assembly line for quality construction. Starting from raw materials, a product was skillfully built by hand, with expert craftsmen paying individual attention to a specific area. As the product moved from station to station it became more fortified to face the elements. That’s why we say The Actor Factory is where better actors are built. Class by class.



But no one gets lost in the crowd, right?

Of course not! Classes at The Factory are very small. Most of them no more than a dozen people or less.


We’ve sat through weekly classes with 20 or more people and there is no time for individual attention.  That doesn’t happen at The Factory. Every students gets plenty of individualized, hands-on attention.



What kind of discounts do you have if I take more than one class?

Check the website for special promotions for taking multiple classes, or enrolling multiple family members.



Do you have scholarships, or work-study programs?

The Actor Factory is not set up to offer either scholarships or work-study discounts in exchange for classes.



Which classes do I start with? Can I just take anything?

The Actor Factory is an a la carte acting studio, meaning you can sign up for any class you want, provided you meet age and eligibility requirements (our advanced classes require previous training). But our program is not built for you to take one class that leads to another. If you feel you need to start with your auditioning skills, start with that class.  If you need more basic acting training first, maybe that’s the best place to start.  If improv training is your weakness, start there. The program is designed with you in mind.


Are you not sure where to start?  Give us a call and one of our representatives can help you.