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Hartleigh Buwick

Professional Actor,

former Talent Agent

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with T.R. Knight and Oakes Fegley in ADAM THE FIRST

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Wednesdays, 7:00-9:30 pm

$295 for 6 Week Session

12 Student Limit

Beginning October 26, 2022

Commercials are an actor's bread and butter. They can certainly help keep an actor afloat between bookings. 

But commercial acting is a technique all its own, and skilled commercial actors know how to deliver copy, as either a character or a spokesperson, in a style that advertisers and ad agencies like to hear.

Get on-camera experience as a spokesperson or character in various commercial audition scenarios, including TelePrompTer exercises. Receive coaching and feedback from a a trusted coach.

Hartleigh Buwick is a commercial, film and television actor, and former talent agent at Switzer Talent Agency.  She has appeared in numerous commercials, from local, regional and national.  Acting credits include ABC Family's SWITCHED AT BIRTH, the Lifetime film IN BED WITH A KILLER, and films THE INHABITANT, BREAKING THEM UP and more.  TV credits include ABC Family's SWITCHED AT BIRTH and Fox's SAVING GRACE with Holly Hunter. Look for her beginning November 13 in the recurring role of Maisie in the Paramount+ series TULSA KING.

Each week will have lessons and exercises into copy presentation, PrompTer management, bite-and-smile techniques, key word punching and much, much more. Students will receive a link to their classwork each week.

It's time to embrace commercials as the revenue stream they are, and start booking.

The class is open to beginning or advanced actors aged 18 and up.

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with JIim Rash in BERNARD AND HUEY