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Charles Baker - "What I Wish I Had Known..."
A 3 1/2-hour discussion with BREAKING BAD's Skinny Pete, THE BLACKLIST's Grey.


This candid, no-holds barred discussion with Los Angeles actor Charles Baker covers his career as a Texas-based actor, his decision to make the move to Los Angeles, and what he learned along the way. Best known as "Skinny Pete" on the Emmy-winning drama BREAKING BAD, Baker has appeared in dozens of films and television series.



Recorded in late 2013 in The Factory's Studio 2, this Factory Forum includes audition tips, agent and management meetings, assembling your team of representatives, very candid opinions on regional actors vs. LA actors and so much more. It is inspiring, thought-provoking and educational. You won't forget the story of how his upbringing motivates him to this day.


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