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Norman, OK 73072



Acting is a business and you are the product. Don't get lost in the crowd.


Every company has a look and feel that tells customers what they're getting before they know anything about the product. You should be the same way. 


Former Factory instructor Sarah Clark, will work with you to identify your brand. This process will require you to decide how you want to be viewed. Sarah will work to:

- Identify and construct your brand

- Edit your demo reel (if needed)

- Build a website 

- Build templates for your outward communication (business cards, resumes, post cards, etc.)


Creating a unified look is important - people will take you more seriously and start to recognize your brand more easily.


Please visit Sarah's website and take a look at some of her work. You can fill out the contact box below to start the process. 

Interested in building your brand? Get in touch.