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Actor Factory staff is available to help you with your self tapes in our newly-redesigned taping studio.  Take advantage of our professional lighting and sound and receive coaching and feedback, if you choose.
Cost:  $30/ half-hour
Additional rates for weekends or after hours
To book your appointment, text your name, audition due date and preferred audition time options to:


We will run through your sides with you a time or two, slate you per the casting director’s requests, and tape your audition, providing a professional actor to read off-camera for you. Then, we will edit all your footage and submit a finished file to the casting director, and send a copy to you.


We typically tape an average of 10-20 auditions per week for actors auditioning for regional projects.


Actor Factory tapings have seen actors successfully booked on several major television series and feature films.


$30 - Taped audItion + editing & submission (up to 20 minutes of rehearsal and taping, allowing 10 minutes for editing, file conversion and sending)


$75 - Coaching + Taped audition + editing & submission (Up to 45 minutes of rehearsal, coaching and taping)


Email The Factory to check availability and set an appointment.

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