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Do you need to tape an audition?  Let The Actor Factory submit a taped audition for you. 


We will run through your sides with you a time or two, slate you per the casting director’s requests, and tape your audition, providing a professional actor to read off-camera for you. Then, we will edit all your footage and submit a finished file to the casting director, and send a copy to you.


We typically tape an average of 10-20 auditions per week for actors auditioning for regional projects.


Actor Factory tapings have seen actors successfully booked on TV shows like LONGMIRE, BREAKING BAD, ARMY WIVES, IN PLAIN SIGHT and many, many more, as well as several feature films.


$30 - Taped audItion + editing & submission (up to 20 minutes of rehearsal and taping, allowing 10 minutes for editing, file conversion and sending)


$75 - Coaching + Taped audition + editing & submission (Up to 45 minutes of rehearsal, coaching and taping)


Email The Factory to check availability and set an appointment.